All Others

Hello!  If you are a relative of an adult adoptee, the spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend of an adult adoptee, the best friend of an adult adoptee, or the child of an adult adoptee….

We would like to help you gather information about the adoptee’s background, however, by law we are unable to discuss a case with anyone other than adult adoptee themselves.  Because Holt’s headquarters are in Oregon, Oregon law governs all post adoption services.  Oregon Statutes 109.425 & 109.455 requires an adoptee to be 18 or older to initiate a search and request file copies or background services, and that all requests for information come directly from the adoptee.

If you are the relative of the adoptive/birth parent, the girlfriend/boyfriend of an adoptive/birth parent, the best friend of an adoptive/birth parent, or the biological child of an adoptive/birth parent….

Please have the adoptive/birth parent contact us directly.  We have a variety of services available, which we would be happy to discuss with them.  You may direct them to this website, or they may contact us via email at

If you are a social worker, attorney, educator, adoption agency, researcher, case worker or anyone who doesn’t fall into one of these categories….

Please feel free to contact us by emailing  Although we may not be able to discuss a specific adoption case with you, we would be happy to answer any questions or redirect you to the appropriate agency if possible.