Circle Back

Circle Back encourages and empowers Adoptees to return to their adoption story.

Through this new program, led by Holt’s expert post-adoption team of Adoptees, we help youth Adoptees lay the foundation for healthy identify development, acknowledge and process different facets of their Adoptee and racial identities, and connect with older Adoptees in a way that is uniquely tailored to each Adoptee and family. Oh, and did we mention it’s FUN, too?!

So what is it?

The program is comprised of two one-on-one webcam sessions with a professional Adoptee facilitator — 30 minutes each for ages 5-11, and 45 minutes each for ages 12-18. The format is engaging, with videos, conversation points and personal application. At the end of the two sessions, there is a 45-minute webcam debrief with parents so that the entire family is informed and equipped to continue the conversation and growth together.

Circle Back is open to all Adoptees at $125. But if your child attended Holt Camp 2018, the cost is just $80.


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