Birth Search for Adoptive Parents

Birth Search
How do I get started?

For some Adoptees, search for birth family may be possible. Every country’s process and requirements vary. Click the links to learn more about the process for each placing country. 

In most cases Adoptees need to work with their US placing agency in order to conduct birth search. If you are not sure if Holt is your US placing agency please feel free to contact us for more information.  

While in some cases, Holt is not able to assist with the search, we always offer support to all Adoptees going through the search process. 

Holt’s Services for Adoptees may be limited if we no longer have any connections with our overseas partner in your birth country.

To determine what services Holt can provide we must first confirm that we participated in your adoption. Once this has been verified, you’ll receive an email and further instructions.

All Other Countries