United States

 Holt International began facilitating adoptions for children born in the U.S. in 1978, primarily in Oregon.  Please note that information regarding the birth parents or birth family is confidential; however there are options open to you.

US Search Services

Registration in the Voluntary Adoption Registry (VAR).

The VAR is a passive registry, which means that no search is conducted at this time. If you choose to register, your openness to contact by your birth parent(s) is made part of our file at our headquarters. If your birth parent(s) comes forward, we will contact you. If he/she also registers and if you are still open to it, you will receive contact information for them and they will receive contact information for you. Registration requires filling out the Affidavit for Identifying information, having your signature notarized, and returning it with a copy of your birth certificate. There is no fee for this service.

An Assisted Search

This option is for those who wish Holt International to undertake a search for your birth parent(s). To pursue this option you will need to complete the Assisted Search application packet which includes the VAR registration form mentioned above, the search application, and a letter and photo(s). Once we confirm that Holt International facilitated your adoption you'll receive a link to obtain the forms and other requirements.

Confidential Intermediary Services

Holt encourages adoptees to correspond with their birth parent(s) if their whereabouts are known and they are open to communication. Even if the birth parent is not currently available, adult adoptees may send letters and photos through us to be placed in the adoptee’s file. They will be available there for the birth parent if she or he comes forward. Guidelines for sending letters and photos are available on request. To begin your investigation we must first confirm that Holt International facilitated your adoption. Once this has been verified, you'll receive an email and further instructions for requesting any of the options noted above. Please follow the link below to contact us. Someone will respond within 2-3 days, if possible.