Correspondence to Birth & Foster Families

Birth Family Letters

Holt supports adoptive parents and adoptees who wish to correspond with birth family members if they are known and open to communication. Even if birth parents are not known or not currently available, adoptive parents and adoptees may send letters and photos through us to the adoptee’s file in their birth country. They will be available there for the birth parent if she or he comes forward. Though birth parents have relinquished the right to parent the adoptee, they and the adoptee have an ongoing tie.

Please click here to see important instructions for sending correspondence for birth family or to be placed in the file. 

Foster Family Letters

Foster families often develop strong attachments to the children they foster and feel rewarded when they learn that the child they fostered has made a good transition. The Philippines has had foster parents for several decades. These are highly dedicated and caring foster mothers and families, who often cared for Holt children right up to the date they departed to their new families, and may have cared for many children over the years. 

Please click here to see important instructions for sending correspondence for foster families.

Due to the volume of correspondence received by our overseas partners we regret that we cannot track if/when letters are delivered to foster families or birth families, and cannot guarantee a response. Should the foster or birth parent wish to respond we will be notified and will contact you. Keeping your contact information up to date with Holt is very important.