Foster Family Contact

For some adoptees, a search for birth family isn’t possible or has been unsuccessful (see Birth Family Search). Holt recognizes that a connection with personal history can be very important for some adoptees, and to help provide this connection, we may be able to locate your foster parents. Foster family searches are extremely limited due to recent Korean Adoption Law reforms, but Holt is happy to inquire on your behalf.

This is the typical process for a foster parent search. Not every case is the same, and a search is not always possible.

What you do:

  • Complete the Request for Services online form and submit it.
  • Receive an email in 2-5 business days that confirms Holt facilitated your adoption, with a link to the Request for Services form(s).
  • If your adoption was not facilitated by Holt, you’ll receive an email explaining this, and a list of possible U.S. agencies that may have been your placing agency (see File Copies).
  • To determine if contact with your foster family is possible:
    • Print, complete, sign and return the Request for Post Adoption Services form by mail only.
    • Print, complete the highlighted fields, sign and return the Petition for Disclosure form by mail only.
    • Print, complete, sign and return the Special Release form by mail only (form must be notarized).
    • Include a photocopy of either your U.S. Passport or Certificate of Naturalization/ Citizenship. Color copies are preferred, if you are able to do so.
    • Provide a letter to your foster family and a current photo of yourself.  These will be sent to Korea electronically only.
    • There is no fee for this service, and may be combined with requests for U.S. child material and international child material (fees do apply to file copies).

What Holt will do:

  • Confirm that Holt facilitated your adoption.
  • Email you the link noted above, or information about Holt Korea’s other partner agencies (see File Copies).
  • Wait for your request forms to arrive by standard mail.
  • Retrieve your file from our off-site file storage, usually within 2-3 weeks of receipt of completed request forms.
  • Submit your request to contact your foster family, along with any other requests such as file copies, to Holt Korea.     While we work cooperatively with our overseas partners, we cannot guarantee a specific response time frame. We appreciate your understanding. This process can last a few weeks to several months, depending on the time of year, volume of requests, and complexity of cases.
  • If contact with your foster family is possible, we will inform you and forward your letter and photos.

What Holt Korea will do:

  • Upon receiving the initial request to determine if contact with your foster family is possible, Holt Korea will review their file and notify us of the results.
  • If they have determined that it is possible, they will receive the letter and photos via email only.
  • Effective August 2012, Korea Adoption Services (KAS) will no longer conduct searches for foster parents. If the foster parents’ current contact information is not in Holt’s files, then a search will not be possible.
  • Holt Korea will call or send a telegram to the foster parents’ last known address, asking them to contact Holt Korea. Telegrams in Korea are very efficient, and the telegram service will attempt to verify who actually received the delivery.
  • Holt Korea will notify Holt should the foster family be found, or when the case is closed because they have received no response. Holt will then notify you of the outcome.

**  Please note that due to the high volume of travelers to Korea May to September, services may be significantly delayed during this time period. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

To begin the process of determining if contact with your foster family is possible, we must first confirm that your adoption was indeed facilitated by Holt International. Once this has been verified you’ll receive an email and further instructions enabling you to request an assessment.


Foster Family History:

Many adoptees were either never in an orphanage, or were transferred from an orphanage or hospital into foster care. Korea has had foster parents for several decades. These were highly dedicated and caring foster mothers and families, who often cared for Holt children right up to the date they departed to their new families, and may have cared for many children. Because these mothers visited the Holt offices regularly, and often only cared for the children for a few months, Holt Korea did not maintain any comprehensive lists of foster parents until the mid-to-late-1980’s. A few files prior to that time may have a foster mother’s full name, partial name only, or just a brief description of the foster family. Although many files prior to the 1980’s may not have enough information to locate a foster mother, we are still happy to inquire on your behalf.