Foster Family & Orphanage Contact

Holt supports adoptive parents and adoptees who wish to correspond with foster families, or to send updates to their child’s orphanage, if possible.  Foster families often develop strong attachments to the children they foster and feel rewarded when they learn that the child they fostered has made a good transition. These are highly dedicated and caring foster mothers and families who often care for children right up to the date they join their new families, and may have cared for many children over the years.

Foster family correspondence can be sent through Holt’s home office who will then send it to staff in China.  The staff will then attempt to forward it to the orphanage with whom the family was associated.  It is up to the orphanage to forward the letter and photos to the foster family. Holt cannot guarantee delivery or response, and we do not have direct contact information for any foster family. Foster families are not affiliated with Holt directly, but are arranged by the managing orphanage.

If you or your parents obtained the foster family’s contact information while in China, you are more than welcome to correspond with them directly.  You can also contact Lotus Travel at Lotus is often able to provide the address for many orphanages where Holt no longer has an active program.

Please click here to see important instructions for sending correspondence for foster families.

Due to the volume of correspondence received by our overseas partners we regret that we cannot track if/when letters are delivered to foster families or orphanages, and cannot guarantee a response. Should the foster parent wish to respond we will be notified and will contact you. Keeping your contact information up to date with Holt is very important.