Holt’s post adoption services department provides a wide variety of services for Adoptees.  If you aren’t sure where to start, just select one of the topics below to begin your journey.  Here you can find information ranging from Holt’s history in China to citizenship information to examples of documentation.

Background & Historical Information

This includes the history of Holt and our work in China. Please click here.

File Copies

Holt may be able provide you with a copy of your child materials from your U.S. file at Holt’s home office. This is usually the same information provided to your parents when you were adopted. Documents can be lost over time, and Holt endeavors to help you replace these valuable pieces of history. Please click here.

Birth Family

For most Adoptees born in China, a search for birth family may not be possible. To read about the current search situation in China please click here.


N-600Proving U.S. citizenship is becoming an issue for many Adoptees, and Holt would like to help you solve any issues you may be encountering, including issues with social security or US passports. We may be able to determine your status, provide document copies, and help replace lost certificates. Please click here.


Are you considering, or already planning, a trip to China? For adoptive families and Adoptees who wish to travel apart from an organized heritage tour, Holt recommends click here.

Counseling & Referral Services

Everyone sometimes feels the need for an empathetic listener and expert advice. One of our social workers can assist you in determining what resources you may need and how to go about obtaining them. We want to help. Please click here.

Foster Family & Orphanage Contact

Holt knows the importance of maintaining a connection between Adoptees and their foster families, whenever possible. Please click here to read more about sending correspondence to China for your foster family or orphanage.