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  1. Janet S Bryan says:

    where are the high school and college graduates? Which issue? I didn’t get any in the mail either. Other times I have received several copies of the issue in the mail. Thanks.

    • Hi Janet, Because the cost of print is so high, we only send print editions of the graduate magazine to families of that year’s graduates. But we will soon post the 2016 graduate magazine online. Check back soon!

  2. Did you do a 2016 Graduate magazine addition?

    • Hi Diane, Yes! The print edition only goes to families of adoptees whose children appeared in the graduate issue. But we will soon be posting the magazine online. Check back soon!

  3. Marianna Haas says:

    Are graduate photos going to be included in an issue? Did I miss it? I sent in my daughters photo in the spring.

  4. Vicki Blodgett says:

    My name is Vicki Blodgett and my husband and I have adopted 3 daughters through Holt. I would like to subscribe to the magazine but for some reason clicking on the “subscribe” button wouldn’t work so I thought I’d try this. How do I do it.

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