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See the impact you make for children around the world!

Story Behind The Photo

An Houn, pictured in the green skirt, and her husband, Yem, live with their 10 children in a house built on stilts in rural Kampot, Cambodia. Their community is plagued by drought and they rarely have enough food or water. Tragically, An and Yem lost two of their children to diseases related to hunger and drinking dirty water. However, because of sponsors, this family is feeling more hopeful. An’s youngest child, pictured in orange, is 6 years old and attends school with the support of her sponsor. Through Holt’s sponsor-supported programs in the region, An and her family are also learning how to compost, which will help yield bigger rice crops — even in years with drought. She is learning to raise ducks and chickens, which she can sell at the market for $5 each to help support her family. An also hosts a monthly community group for the women in her village where they share tips about raising healthy livestock, saving money and keeping their children in school. Always, they strive to give their children a better life.

Kids & Cards

When you send cards for International Day of the Child and Christmas, your sponsored child not only receives them — they cherish them, often keeping them for years! They also love to see the photos you include of yourself and your family!


Yan Ling Yang, 15

You Jun Liu, 15


Qiao Chen, 6


Thank you, volunteers!

At Winter Jam this year, more than 9,700 concertgoers felt moved to sponsor a child through Holt — a feat that simply would not have been possible without your heart, your energy and your dedication as a Holt volunteer.

“It is so good to see a full auditorium praising God with one voice. Then for those same people to turn around and help a child in need is such a beautiful thing. There is always so much joy in the eyes of the people who chose to sponsor and welcome these kids into their life.” Sherri Jo Gallagher Holt Concert Volunteer

Sponsor Story

“I have been attending Xtreme Winter for five years. My church goes every December and has an amazing time. I have always wanted to sponsor a child, but I never had a job or steady income!! This year when given the opportunity to sponsor I could feel God tugging on my heart. I knew I needed to go sponsor a child. I now am 17 and have a wonder-ful, steady income. I have no doubt God blessed me with my job, so what else can I do but give a small portion of what I make back to Him? I KNEW if I obeyed God He would always supply the income for me to sponsor. So I sponsored this PRECIOUS boy!! A couple days after choosing to sponsor, I got a text for a small job offer that I can do while still keeping my other job. The money I will make from this “mini job” will be enough to pay the sponsorship for this child every month, PLUS SOME!!! God is always faithful. I just wanted to share!! May-be someone needed to hear it!!

#GodisFaithful” Jillian McCollum Child Sponsor

Pictures Of Home

At an orphanage in Mongolia, kindergarten-age children drew pictures of what they imagine having a family is like. Sponsors support these children while they wait to hopefully, one day, go home.


Thank you to everyone who sponsored a child at a Winter Jam, David Archuleta or other Christian concert!

Date #96 with Eli — NewSong and Crowder concert. We finished our 8th year of monthly dates with a really special night. Crowder is one of our very favorites so it was special for us to see him in an intimate setting but in addition to that Eli and I also partnered our time together through sponsoring a little girl through Holt International. This is such a great thing to do together with your child and will not only grow your relationship with them, but of course, to care for a child in great need.” @Chalkboardparenting


“Haley and I are blessed to be able to sponsor these few children from Holt International today!” @Swayne2341


“Meagan and I felt the call of God tonight and are sponsoring these sweet babies. Ya is sponsored by the both of us, but I felt in my heart that I could do so much more. Bao immediately caught my eye when I went up to the Holt table. So what’s $68 a month to sponsor these kids? It’s not buying shoes or purses I don’t need, it’s cooking at home instead of eating out. $68 is easily spent in one day on frivolous things that I think I need. Now it’ll be spent to help these two beautiful children have a better road in life. Thank you Winter Jam for giving us this opportunity.” @_hypnosagittarian

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