From The President

A message from Holt’s president and CEO.

As a sponsor, you do so many extraordinary things in the lives of children and families. You provide food and safe shelter, warm clothing and shoes. You give children the opportunity to learn and to overcome the obstacles that kept their parents from achieving their own dreams. You care for children while they wait to join loving families, and you help children stay with the loving families they already have.

You give all this hope, all this joy and opportunity. But perhaps most of all, what you give to your sponsored child is love. Sponsorship is at its core an expression of your love, and through you God’s love, for children — and for their mothers and fathers — all around the world.

Throughout this issue of Holt International Magazine, I see examples of the incredible love that drives the work you do for vulnerable children and families. On page 5, 17-year-old sponsor Jillian McCollum shares how she works an extra part-time job to sponsor a child! What an astonishing act of love and selflessness from a young person still working to achieve her own life goals. In this issue, long-time sponsors Clare Graham and Linda Voelsch reflect upon their remarkable, decades-long commitment to supporting children. And on page 10, sponsor Jen Haberling details all that her sister, while on assignment with the Peace Corps in Mongolia, went through to coordinate a visit with Jen’s sponsored child, Javkhaa — to spend time with him at his orphanage, bring him gifts, and to tell this boy living without a family that he has sponsors who love and care about him very much. In response, he leans in to give Jen’s sister a hug, which is just about as pure an expression of love as a child can give.

In this magazine, you will also see illustrations of how your love transforms the lives of children — from children growing up with special needs in Vietnam to children living in Manila slums to girls facing gender discrimination in India to one boy whose sponsorship story ends with a loving family in the U.S. Your love and devotion awaken hope in the lives of these children and their families. And although your sponsored child likely lives too far away to give you a hug, know that your love is reciprocated. For all you are and all you do, they may not know you, but they love you, too.

Phil Littleton

Child Sponsor | President & CEO

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