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Story Behind The Photo

In slum communities in Pune, India, space is at a premium. Many families live in less than 100 square feet, and their neighbors are stacked in single-room homes all around them. Communities of 200 or more people share a single water facet and public restroom area. Parents are eager to keep their children in sight, as children are often targeted in slum communities for trafficking and other forms of exploitation. Here, in a slum community where Holt sponsors support many children and families, a group of boys and girls play a board game together under the watchful eye of one boy’s mother.

Before & After

Once children are matched with sponsors who provide the resources for improved nutrition, hygiene and care, their transformation can be amazing!

Artwork by Sponsored Children

See what Nattapong in Thailand and Hai in Vietnam lovingly drew for their sponsors in the U.S.!

Why I Sponsor

We are always curious what inspires sponsors to commit to caring for an orphaned or vulnerable child. Whatever your reason, thank you for making a huge difference in their lives!

“Because they deserve it. Because Jesus loves them and He gives me an opportunity to show them He loves them. If I can honestly make a difference in a child’s life who is less fortunate, then there’s no greater reward.”

SETH HUDGINS | Tennessee

“We sponsor five boys from South Korea. They are all so precious and we just want to be a light in a world that can seem so dark for them, and give them a chance for a bright future.”


“Because education is the most important thing a child can receive and I can’t imagine a child not having that because of lack of money. We sponsor a girl in India and recently paid for her school supplies and we send money monthly. We have her picture on our refrigerator.”

RACHEL PACE | Missouri

Dear Sponsors

Read the messages that Bilguun, Teddy and Wen Li wrote to their sponsors!

“My name is Bilguun. I will be 18 years old soon and I study in 11th grade in public school. I enjoy reading books about science. I have been living for 9 years in the center. We are eating many kinds of food since Holt staff is assisting us. Thank you so much.”

Bilguun |18 years old | Mongolia


“Dear sponsor, How are you? For me I am good. I am in top class. I am studying well. I live with my grandparents at our home. We have cows, goats and hens. We also have fruits. I like playing and singing. I play with my brother at home.”

Teddy | 6 years old | Uganda


“Dear Sponsor, I’m 14 years old and live with my grandmother and elder brother in a one-story house. I like to have Chinese lesson in school, which teaches me more knowledge and the truth of life. I like to listen to the music and read in spare time. I want to visit Beijing one day. I want to be a teacher when I grow up to deliver knowledge to more and more people. I go often to school by bus. I plan to learn in the technical school after I graduate.”

Wen Li | 15 years old | China

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