Waiting Children

These and other children need adoptive families.

6 Years Old | China

Theo is a gentle, bright and smiley little boy. He greatly desires a family of his own. Theo has cerebral palsy and several orthopedic issues, but with daily therapy he has made great progress. He uses a walker and can do some fancy moves — pulling himself up on it and swinging his legs! Theo gets along well with his friends, works hard in school and loves animals. A Holt staff member recently met Theo and can share many photos and videos of him.




3 Years Old

Brooklyn is a sweet girl who likes dancing and painting. Her physical development is described as normal, however she has several challenges to overcome. She may have a syndrome called “VACTERL association.” A spinal X-ray and an ultrasound of her kidneys were both abnormal and she has esotropia. Brooklyn can walk steadily, go up and down stairs, say several words and build tall towers with blocks. She currently lives in a foster home and gets along well with her foster family.



Jaylenn 5 Years Old
NE Asia

Jaylenn is a fun-loving boy who needs a family that he can play games with and be silly around. Jaylenn has Rt. Pachygyria, a congenital malformation of the cerebral hemisphere, which causes him to have a slight gait and difficulty keeping his balance. He has weaker strength in his left hand, but it doesn’t keep him from picking up toys and playing! Jaylenn needs a family with access to any medical and therapeutic resources he will need to reach his full potential. A Special Blessings grant is available to help Jaylenn’s family bring him home.


6 Years Old

Hailey is an affectionate and sweet girl who loves being held, given hugs and cuddled. She often smiles and is talkative with everyone. Hailey has vision impairment and her motor development is a bit delayed in comparison to her peers. She has also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Hailey is meeting developmental expectations in language and social skills. She speaks clearly, remembers children’s songs and loves to sing. Hailey needs a family that has access to good medical care and can provide the resources and therapies that she needs to grow and thrive.


For information about adopting Theo or Brooklyn, contact Jessica Zeeb at jessicaz@holtinternational.org. For Jaylenn or Hailey, contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org. View more waiting children at


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