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These and other children need sponsors.

Asifya • 15 Years Old • India

Asifya is a kind and studious 15-year-old.  She says she wants to have a good career someday and understands the important role education plays in reaching her goals.  But public school is not free where she lives, and although they, too, understand how important education is for their children, Asifya’s parents struggle to afford school fees for both Asifya and her older brother. Your sponsorship support will help Asifya receive an education, and alleviate the worry and stress Asifya’s parents feel about their daughter’s future.   

Tul • 10 Years Old • Mongolia

Tul is a healthy 10-year-old who loves sports and school, though changes in his life have made it difficult for him to stay focused. After his father left, Tul migrated with his mother and three siblings from the country to the city, where his mother hoped to find work. Currently unemployed, she struggles to provide for Tul and her other children. At home, Tul helps with the household chores and likes to help his mom with cooking. Your sponsorship will help Tul excel in school and provide food and support for his family.

Rehan • 9 Years Old • India

Rehan has a lot of friends, and likes to play cricket, soccer and other outdoor games. He has a close relationship with his mother, who is also the sole provider for the family. While she is at work, Rehan often helps with the household duties.  Rehan’s older sister also attends school, and his mom finds it difficult to provide education and meet basic needs for both children. By becoming Rehan’s monthly Holt sponsor, you will help his family meet their son’s needs, including the cost of school fees.

Sok Ly • 11 Years Old • Cambodia

Sok Ly lives in a rural province of Cambodia with her mother. She is an only child, and her mother became their sole provider after Sok Ly’s father died. Because opportunities are limited where they live, Sok Ly often stays with her grandmother while her mother works far away from home. Sok Ly is currently in the fourth grade, where she is a great student. She aspires to be a doctor when she grows up. By sponsoring Sok Ly, you will help her stay in school and remain in the loving care of her mom and grandmother.

When you sponsor a child, you will also uplift their family and community. To sponsor one of these children, email sponsorship@holtinternational.org.

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