From the President

A message from Holt’s president and CEO. 

Phil visits with a child at an orphanage in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in fall 2016.

The smart, talented and very special children you sponsor live in many different kinds of homes. Some sponsored children live in mud huts without running water or electricity. Some live in one room with 12 different family members in urban Manila, Philippines. While others endure the bone-chilling cold of winter in Mongolia and China in a ger or a cave.

Whenever I visit a child or family’s home, I always feel shocked by something I see. But I also feel heartened, and I feel hopeful. I feel heartened by the resilience and the resourcefulness I witness in the children and families you sponsor, and hopeful when I see how your monthly sponsorship is empowering them to overcome their hardships. You are making a world of difference in their lives, and I am so grateful for your kindness and compassion for children.

In this issue of Holt International Magazine, you will read about sponsored children living in all different kinds of circumstances — in orphanages, in a garbage dump in Mongolia, in a rural Ugandan village, and in the caves of northern China.

Sometimes, it can be hard to imagine how different life is for the children we sponsor.

But remember that all parents want the same things for their child — for them to grow up happy, healthy and with the opportunity to chase their dreams. For once-sponsored children like Malini, featured on page 24, and Ahman, on page 26, life took them in very different directions. But with the support of child sponsors, both of them grew into extraordinary — and thriving — young adults.

As you read their stories, remember how critical you are in the story of your sponsored child or children.While they may face different challenges, you are helping them reach their dreams.

You are truly one of the greatest blessings in their lives, and a constant source of hope during hardships.

Thank you for making the world a better place for children, and having an open heart to learn more about the challenges children continue to face — wherever they may live.




Phil Littleton
Adoptive Father of 3
President & CEO

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