Five Ways You Help Orphans

In many countries, children living in orphanages can’t be sponsored — mainly due to laws in their country. But through donor support, people like you still help these children receive the care they need. 


For 18 years, Holt has delivered emergency food, fuel, medicine, warm coats and clothes directly to caregivers and children at several North Korean orphanages with permission from the North Korean government. These emergency supplies ensure more than 4,000 children survive the country’s regular food shortages.


From orphanages all over China, children with serious medical needs come to stay at Holt’s Peace House in Beijing. These children are matched with a 24/7 caregiver who provides the one-on-one attention they need to grow strong enough for surgery and recover fully afterward.


In the wake of the Korean War, Harry and Bertha Holt, the founders of Holt International, opened the Ilsan Center in South Korea — a place to care for orphaned and abandoned children. Today, Ilsan is an exemplary care center for children and adults with disabilities and developmental special needs. The quality of therapy, advocacy, vocational training and care is so exceptional at Ilsan, their model has been replicated around the world.


Many children living in orphanages have some form of physical or developmental disability, and their feeding needs are very specific. As children living in orphanages are already at higher risk of malnutrition — which is the biggest cause of death for kids younger than 5 — Holt’s child nutrition program is working to ensure ALL children are fed in the way and with the food that is best for them.


For children who spent their whole life in orphanage care, Holt’s Independent Living and Educational Assistance program in the Philippines provides a safe, family-like home for teens to learn the skills necessary to live on their own, as well as the support to stay in school as long as possible.

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