From the President: Celebrating 60 Years

A message from Holt’s president and CEO.

Holt staff from 13 countries gathered in Eugene, Oregon to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Holt International and to share wisdom, ideas and inspiration as we continue seeking a world where every child has a loving and secure home.

In summer 2016, Holt hosted a reunion for the first wave of adoptees to arrive in the United States from Korea in the mid-1950s.  Adoptees now in their late 50s and 60s traveled from all over the country to our headquarters in Eugene, Oregon for the event, which brought with it many tears and laughter, and many memories.

This year, Holt celebrates 60 years of serving orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children, and this special reunion is just one of the many ways Holt has looked back in 2016. Over the past six decades, Holt has united over 43,000 children with loving, permanent families through international adoption. Working alongside our dedicated partners and supporters through the years, we have also provided vital services to hundreds of thousands of children and families in the countries where we work — empowering parents to independently care for their children, and enabling children to reach their full, thriving potential.

This is truly a milestone worth celebrating!

Since Holt’s founding in 1956, international adoption has changed in many ways.  In our feature story on page 8, adoptees of different generations reflect on their experience of growing up adopted. This story also explores how international adoption has evolved throughout the years in response to changes in both society’s understanding of adoption and in our own understanding of the lifelong impact adoption has on adoptees and their families.

But while international adoption has seen many changes, Holt’s core values and dedication to the children, families and adult adoptees we serve remains the same. Every year, we are honored to share our graduate issue of the magazine — featuring Holt adoptees who recently graduated high school or college. And this year is no exception, with 64 accomplished adoptees gracing the pages of this special issue.

As we continue to uplift children and strengthen families around the world, we will always remember those who came before — the now grown adoptees who arrived on that first plane in 1956, the 2016 graduates who now enter the next important phase of their lives, and the thousands of adoptees and families whose lives and stories are an integral part of our extraordinary 60-year history.

We hope you find this magazine informative as you begin your adoption journey, and as we at Holt begin the next 60 years of uniting children with families, we also look forward to one day welcoming you into our family — the Holt family.

Phil Littleton President & CEO

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