Children Who Wait

These and other children need adoptive families.



February 1, 2015 China

Gianna was born premature and came into our care when she was about four days old. This cute little girl has several special needs, including impaired hearing and congenital laryngeal cartilage dysplasia. Her development is delayed and she doesn’t speak yet, but will crawl toward what she wants and cry when she is unhappy.  Gianna has developed a close bond with her caregivers, but she now needs a permanent family that can provide the stability and specialized care that she needs.



January 1, 2004 SE Asia

Jordan’s caregivers describe him as a caring and empathetic young man who is loved by all. His motor skills are excellent, and his favorite activities are coloring, drawing and playing soccer outside. He does have some cognitive and developmental delays that are attributed to his early lack of stimulation. However, he has shown improvement since he started going to school. He is ready for a family that can give him the personalized attention he deserves and can help him reach his full potential.

For information about adopting Jordan, contact Kristen Henry at For Gianna, contact Jessica Zeeb at

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