Sponsor a Child

These and other children need sponsors. 

When you sponsor a child, you also uplift their family and community. To sponsor one of these children, email sponsorship@holtinternational.org.

ya1Ya • 3 months old  China

Found abandoned in June 2016, Ya now lives in a nurturing group home. Although diagnosed with Clubfoot, she is in all ways physically healthy. Like most 3-montholds, she spends the majority of her time sleeping, eating and getting used to the world around her. She is always intent on watching her caregivers’ faces and she is becoming very responsive to the lights and sounds around her. Ya needs a sponsor to ensure that she continues to receive the care, love and attention that is so critical in these first few months of development as she waits for a loving, permanent family through adoption.

temesgen1Temesgen • 12 years old  Ethiopia

Temesgen is a very friendly and active boy who loves to play soccer with his friends and watch documentary films at the nearby youth recreation center. He also has a very good appetite, especially for his favorite foods! He has six other siblings, two brothers and four sisters, and his parents struggle to support their large family. Temesgen is a great help to his family by collecting firewood, fetching water and caring for their goats. He struggles a bit in school, but has supportive adults in his life who encourage him to study well. Support from a Holt sponsor will be a huge help not only to Temesgen, but to everyone in his family.


Duyen • 4 years old  Vietnam

Before entering Holt’s family strengthening program in Vietnam, Duyen’s parents could not afford to give her consistent meals or take her to preschool. But now, she attends a Holt-supported school where she receives better nutrition and early education. She is described as a lovely child who loves playing Vietnamese folk games and looking up at the dark clouds and guessing when it will rain. She is the youngest in a family of four children. Sponsorship will ensure that Duyen will continue to learn, grow and reach her very fullest potential.


Veasna • 7 years old • Cambodia

Veasna loves playing games and drawing pictures! When Veasna first got involved with Holt’s programs in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia, he was overly thin and suffered from very dry skin. His parents grow rice and do odd jobs, but due to medical bills, they struggled to support and feed their family. Veasna is healthier now and he is starting to come out of his shell, but he needs a sponsor who can support him and his family as they continue to rise above poverty.

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