Your Prayers Are Requested

Our on-the-ground partners share a few specific prayer requests for the children and families they serve around the world.

Fontana Orphanage


Pray that Cambodian children can continue schooling without child labor, that their families are able to earn a good income and that families grow enough rice to eat throughout the year. — Holt Cambodia

The number of hungry Ethiopians needing food aid has risen sharply due to poor rains. One of the areas suffering from drought is where our sponsored children and their parents reside in the southern region of Ethiopia. We believe your prayer on this issue will make a big difference. — Holt Ethiopia

Pray for Sagrika as she continues to be treated for Tuberculosis. Pray that this child may be healed completely, and that she can continue with a good healthy life. Pray for the graduating girls who will complete year ten of school. This is a very important examination as they now have to decide what specific subjects/studies they will take up in the final two years of school. Pray also for the graduating girls as they will move out of SSG’s group home to another facility or return to live with their families. — Shishu Sangopan Griha, India

Please pray for Tuyatsetseg and for the strength and good health of his grandfather, who is the only caregiver of his grandson, who has cerebral palsy. Pray for single mothers who are struggling to support their families. Pray for premature babies to gain weight, and pray for children to find their forever families. Pray for Chukuunkhishig, who will graduate this year, with blessings that she will succeed in her final exams. Pray for the disabled and sick children in our care. Please pray for unemployed parents that they will find jobs and be able to support their families. Pray for Dolgor, a foster mother who recently passed away due to heart attack.  Finally, please provide prayer and blessings for the Mongolia staff in our efforts to reach vulnerable children with wisdom, knowledge and the courage to carry out our mission. — Naidvar Center, Mongolia


Pray for the good health of all the children in our care and that their foster families may be able to provide food, shelter, security and love. Pray for all families benefiting from our capital assistance program that they may be in perfect unity of love and mutual support and infuse in each members of the family the spirit of understanding, forbearance and affection for each other. Pray that with support from our sponsors, we may be able to expand this service to families from other communities and that they may be able to have food on their table every day. — Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, Philippines

Please pray for Chantra, a 5 month-old baby in HSF foster care who was born premature with respiratory distress. Chantra was relinquished to HSF care by her birth mother and is  now in the devoted care of an HSF foster family. Please pray that she is protected from long-term defects, especially in the areas of her hearing, vision and overall development.   — Holt Sahathai Foundation, Thailand

In addition to spiritual prayers, a few of our partners sent requests for specific items they need for the children and families they serve. Given limited resources, these items are often out of reach for our partners. If you would like to help us meet one or more of these needs, please call 1-888-355-HOLT.


In the rural community where Holt-sponsored children and their families live in Haiti, the majority of population does not have access to clean drinking water — causing high rates of fever and diarrhea. For this reason, our partner in Haiti, Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ), has requested the resources to purchase a manual water pump.

As Haitian electricity is unreliable and antiquated, FEJ has also requested a generator to provide better electricity at their facilities, where they host workshops and programs for women and children in Chache Lavi, the women’s empowerment program that Holt supports.

Lastly, FEJ is seeking assistance to purchase a school bus as many of the students walk more than two hours to attend school — a challenge that causes a high rate of absenteeism.


Bach is a 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who was born premature with very low birth weight. Bach was prescribed a special formula to help her gain weight, but it is very expensive and Holt Vietnam is struggling to provide it for her.  One can of formula costs nearly $25 and Bach needs at least five cans of milk per month. Holt Vietnam has purchased the formula from their contingency budget, but they now seek a regular donor who is willing to sponsor the cost of her formula for as long as she needs it.



Our long-time partner in Bangalore, India, Vathsalya Charitable Trust (VCT), needs a laptop and projector for the training programs they offer in local schools, at a care center for girls with special needs and as part of their community outreach program.

VCT also needs new wooden benches, desks and a blackboard for the daycare program they offer for the children of migrant families.

In addition, VCT needs resources to purchase a better camera for promoting and providing updates on their educational sponsorship and community outreach programs, as well as funding for a new coat of paint on the VCT care facility.

India 2015 Education examples - 3


Although sponsorship covers basic school fees and supplies for children, our partner in Pune, India, Bharatiya Semaj Seva Kendra, would also like to provide a school bag with a lunch box, water bottle, drawing sheets and coloring materials for each child in their educational sponsorship program.

BSSK would also love to have a toy, a pillow and a blanket in a bag for each of the sixty children currently in their care so they have something of familiarity to take when leaving to rejoin their family or join an adoptive family.

In addition, BSSK needs 20 new nosy cups for toddlers and 12 therapeutic “nuk brushes” to help children with special needs.

CAM 2016 Kampot-Prayer of Thx


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