Three Ways to Go Above and Beyond

On their birthday, first day of school and Christmas, you can give an extra special gift to your sponsored child. 

As a child sponsor, you already do amazing things for your sponsored child. Each month, you meet vital needs such as nutritious food, an education, medical care and the opportunity to thrive within the loving care of a family. And three times a year, you have the opportunity to go above and beyond for your sponsored child, celebrating them and making them feel extra loved and cared for.

Most sponsored children live with their families, who would love nothing more than to celebrate their child by giving them something “extra.” But they are simply unable to afford a small gift, special meal or even provide essentials like school uniforms and supplies. For children living in care centers or with foster families, a gift to make them feel individually noticed and celebrated can mean the world!


Every year on June 1, the International Day of the Child, Holt teams up with our partners around the world to throw a huge birthday celebration for the children in our sponsorship program! Complete with decorations, sugary snacks, goodie bags and a special outing or activity — this is a day they look forward to all year long. And you can help celebrate your sponsored child by sending a card and making a gift to support their birthday bash on June 1!


EducationCLA Children Day 2015-6

Few things can change a child’s life as drastically as an education. But many obstacles stand in their way of receiving an education and reaching their potential. When you give a little extra to your sponsored child in the fall, you ensure that he or she will have the school uniform, shoes, textbooks and school supplies that they need for a great year!



THHSA15-0014 Pakkawat BoonchooChristmas

Christmas is a day to be with loved ones and to share our many blessings with those in need. And every December, you can share the spirit of Christmas with your sponsored child by helping to provide a special holiday party, meal and gift. Children sing and dance and laugh as they experience the joy and hope of this season. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year!

In spring, summer and fall, watch for your special birthday, back-to-school and Christmas packets in the mail. Thank you for going above and beyond to make your sponsored child feel extra special and loved!

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