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These and other children need sponsors. 

10 years old
North Asia

Batbayar lives in a yurt-style hut with his mother and siblings. Although illiterate, his mother works hard to support her family by collecting recyclable items. Batbayar understands their poverty and willingly helps his mother. He is a very well liked and easygoing boy who is an above-average student. He loves to read adventure stories and play soccer. Through sponsorship, Batbayar’s family will be more stable, and he can spend more time learning at school and enjoy just being a kid!


3 years old

Quynh is a happy and adorable toddler who lives with her mother and grandmother. She loves to play, run and sing songs — especially when she has an audience! She can proudly dress herself and is learning to feed herself with a spoon. She responds back with simple answers when asked a question. Quynh is in need of a sponsor who can support her with the nutrition, education and stability she needs as she grows up.


2 1/2 years old

Makebel’s father passed away and he lives with his mother and four siblings. His mother has no permanent source of income and struggles to meet her children’s basic needs. Makebel is active, gets along with all of the other children in his village and is always cheerful. He is learning the English alphabet, knows numbers one through five and has a close bond with his older sister. Through sponsorship, Makebel can receive the care and education that he needs to thrive.


2 1/2 years old
South Asia

Both of Salima’s parents work on construction sites and they had no one to care for her while they were at work. They didn’t know what to do, until they brought her to a Holt-supported daycare center. At daycare, this sweet toddler listens well to her teachers and loves to run around and play with the other children. Sponsorship will ensure that Salima will continue to be safe and well cared for while her parents are at work.


When you sponsor a child, you also uplift their family and community. To sponsor one of these children, email sponsorship@holtinternational.org.

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