Children Who Wait

These and other children need adoptive families.



Ryan was left in a hospital at birth, and a few days later came to his current care center. Active and happy when playing with other kids in his care center, 3-year-old Ryan appears to be in good health and has good motor skills. He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and has small stature. His fears include dogs, the dark and heights. Exploring his surroundings is one of his favorite activities. An adoptive family should have access to excellent medical and developmental resources to help Ryan thrive.


Twelve-year-old Hudson is healthy, developmentally on target and eager to learn new things. Well liked by adults and peers, Hudson reads and writes quite well. His talents include football and drawing, and last year he won a first prize in painting. A helpful boy who likes to make people laugh, Hudson knows a little English, aspires to be a mechanic and is vice-president of his class. This sweetheart needs an adoptive family that has parented past his age and has a strong understanding of older child adoption.


Minnie has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair because of orthopedic issues affecting her legs. She is a spunky little girl who can do many things for herself — such as getting dressed — though she does need help with some of her personal needs.  She studies in the orphanage school, loves playing with other children and often shares her snacks. Her caregivers describe her as a sweet girl who tries to give joy to others whenever she can. Minnie needs an experienced family who has access to excellent orthopedic services.


Ephraim has joint contracture in his knees, which causes him to walk with a limp. This slows him down very little, however, and he can walk a long way without getting tired. Ephraim has a reserved personality, but he can make his foster siblings laugh with his quiet humor and helps his foster parents with the littler kids in his group home. He attends public school and his favorite subject is English. Ephraim needs a family with experienced parents who will provide him with the love and medical services he needs.

For information on adopting Ryan or Hudson, contact Kristen Henry at For Minnie and Ephraim, contact Jessica Zeeb at


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