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These and other children need adoptive families.

Throughout National Adoption Month in November, we shared many stories about boys from Korea and China waiting for permanent, loving families. This month, we want to tell you about children from another region where we work — Southeast Asia. Here, many beautiful, wonderful and sweet children are waiting and wishing for families of their own. They are older children, and for a few of them, country-specific laws mean that we can’t share their photos publicly (though you can request to see photos and more information simply by emailing Kristen Henry at Older children, boys and those without photos often wait the longest for families. That’s why we really need your help! Please share these stories on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You may know (or be) the perfect family for one of them!


Moriah from SE Asia

Born December 23, 2005

Moriah is an adorable little girl who responds well to positive reinforcement and thrives on the attention of adults. She loves to dance, play piano and sing. She gets along well with other children. When Moriah’s father left, her mother placed her in care in 2008 and then legally relinquished her for adoption in 2010. Moriah is generally healthy but has significant vision impairment. She was born blind and had laser treatment on her eyes as an infant. She seems to have some very limited, near-sighted vision. Her left foot is also abnormally developed, and she was unable to walk until she was 3. Her gross motor skills have since improved, and she can now walk, climb and run, as witnessed by Holt’s waiting child program manager on a March 2011 visit. Though noted to be strong-willed, she has a sweet and cute personality overall. Moriah’s ideal family will have experience with visual impairment, and will be able to structure their lives and home around Moriah’s special need. Moriah has a $5,000 Special Blessings grant from Holt and Holt fees have been reduced for her adoption. See country criteria for complete requirements.


Jac & Salina from SE Asia

Born May 8, 2005 and January 3, 2004

This sweet sister and curious brother pair has been with the same foster family together since early 2007. Jac came into care at 10 months old. Jac is described as an active boy and developmentally on track for his age. He has a strong imagination, likes to play the flute in school, is interested in new technology, and wants to be a car mechanic in the future. Jac enjoys traveling, such as school field trips to the zoo and trips to historic sites with his foster family during school breaks. He completes his daily activities and household chores well. His foster family has a fish and chicken farm, and one of his main responsibilities is to feed the fish. Jac is currently in grade 3 and enjoys sports and math. Both Jac and Salina have started to learn some English in school. Jac is not confident in his reading abilities as he has trouble with certain pronunciations. He received a consult for unclear speech in early 2013 and began speech therapy. Salina came into care at age 2, and lived with one foster family before joining the same foster family as Jac, who she lives with today. Some other foster children have been adopted from this home, so these siblings have witnessed that and have some understanding of adoption. One of Salina’s main household chores is to collect eggs, and she also loves to help plan and cook meals. Salina is described as affectionate, responsible and polite. She is currently in grade 4 and she is a great student. Salina even asked to attend extra classes on Saturdays to study math, language and arts. She won first prize in a drawing competition last year, which brought her and her foster family happiness and pride. Salina dreams of being a teacher. An experienced adoptive family, preferably with older child adoption experience, would be best for this sibling group. Their adoptive family should have a good understanding of grief and loss and have a lot of resources and support for the children’s transition.

Applicants must be married for at least three years. Families with no more than one child living in the home preferred, more on a case-by-case basis. See country criteria for complete requirements, often flexible for waiting children.


Antony from SE Asia

Born on March 5, 2010

Antony is a charming 4-year-old boy who loves climbing on the school playground, playing musical instruments and looking at animal books and wildlife programs. He has a good relationship with his foster mother and other children at school. Antony was relinquished soon after he was born, and placed with a foster family shortly after. The birth mother drank alcohol during pregnancy and was not able to give proper care after his birth. Antony has mild exotropia (his eyes sometimes deviate outward) and has had some digestion issues, which seems to have eased with his current mix of regular and lactose-free milk. He has a good appetite and can feed himself. Despite his difficult start and background, Antony has been developing well, especially in motor skills. He began attending preschool in May 2013 and adjusted well. This year, he still prefers to be with the older children who helped him during his first year of school. Antony is a sweet little boy who waits for a patient family with access to medical and developmental resources, and has a good understanding of trauma, grief and loss in older child adoption.

Applicants must be married for at least three years. Families with no more than one child living in the home preferred, more on a case-by-case basis.  See country criteria for complete requirements, often flexible for waiting children.

Due to rules in Mae, Jake and Noah’s country of birth, we are unable to show individual photos of children waiting for adoptive families — only group photos of Mae, Jake and Noah with other children. To see photo of just Mae, Jake and Noah, contact Kristen Henry at

Mae, Jake and Noah from SE Asia

Born 11/00, 06/02 and 11/04

This beautiful sibling group of three is waiting for a family who is ready to open their hearts to them. They are polite, sweet, healthy older children. The oldest is Mae, born on 11/20/00, who is described as a dependable, caring, and neat girl who faithfully attends her grade 7 classes and finishes her homework on time. She loves taking photos and appears mature for her age. Mae is a caring older sister to her two younger brothers. Her development is reportedly on target and she relates well with her peers in the care center. In the future, she wants to be a teacher or a nun so that she can help others. Jake was born on 6/26/02. He is a nurturing older brother who is shy and athletic and makes friends easily. Last year, he started attending a private school for grade 5 where his two siblings attend as well. His favorite subjects are social studies and crafts. The youngest is Noah, born on 11/3/04, and he is very athletic and performs well in school. He excels at math, which is his favorite subject. He easily adjusted and quickly made friends when he transferred from public to private school. The birth mother of this sibling group died in 2006. They experienced a traumatic time with their birth father until he was imprisoned and they began living with an older sibling, who relinquished them in 2011, as kinship care was not possible. The hope of the birth family is that these children will be successful in life once in their new family. An experienced adoptive family who can help these children heal from past traumas is needed. Their adoptive family should also have a good understanding of older child and sibling group adoption and prepare any children currently in the home well for the transition.

Single or married applicants accepted.  See country criteria for complete requirements, often flexible for waiting children

For more information about Jac and Salina, Mae, Jake and Noah, Anthony or Moriah, please contact Kristen Henry at

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