From the President: A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Giving hope to children this holiday season.

Dong Nai 222The holidays are upon us, and with this festive season comes family, friends and long-standing traditions of turkey dinners, Christmas cookies, family games and fun. I think that’s what I most love about this season —the sense of comfort and dependability, but also the knowledge that, through the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, we can look forward to a new year with new possibilities and excitement for the future.

I believe these sentiments also hold true for where Holt finds itself today. As an organization, we have enjoyed a long and beautiful history and a lasting tradition of serving orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. But as with the promise of a new year, we also look forward to seeing what might lie ahead for us as we continue to expand our mission for the world’s most vulnerable children.

As you look through our latest magazine and our new Gifts of Hope online catalog, I hope you see this spirit of change and growth. Where once we only served children through adoption, today we include Gifts of Hope that will help stabilize struggling families all over the world — items like sewing machines to help impoverished parents learn a new trade. Help reduce child mortality through a “Get a Child to 5” Gift of Hope, or provide a life-saving surgery for a child with special needs. And see our education section to help a hearing-impaired child attend the deaf school we support in Ethiopia, or stock a classroom so that children have everything they need to learn.

The items featured in our special 2014 Gifts of Hope catalog are vital to giving vulnerable children the best start in life.

This holiday season, why not give a Gift of Hope in honor of a family member? What would it mean to them to know that through your generous gift, they are helping to support vulnerable children and families all over the world?

This Christmas, give vaccines to a child fighting to survive. Give livestock to provide food and income for a family. And give clothing and blankets to a child who needs warmth.

GOH ButtonGive the gift of life and of love. Give the gift of hope.

I hope you enjoy the latest edition of Holt’s online magazine, and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For the Children,

Phillip Littleton

President and CEO



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