From the President: Continuing Their Journey

A send-off for the Class of 2014.

China, AndersonWhat a joy it is to share with you the 2014 graduate issue of Holt International Magazine! The graduates have completed an extraordinary chapter in their lives and should be very proud of themselves. It’s always such a joy to hear from adoptees, and reading about their accomplishments and plans has been quite a treat.  It’s an honor to include each of them in this year’s graduate issue of Holt International Magazine.*

This special issue also serves as a wonderful affirmation of Holt’s work and mission.  When these young people joined their adoptive families in the United States, we rejoiced with them and their families, and we knew they’d go on to accomplish amazing feats.  We now celebrate with them as they embark on what is sure to be another very successful journey in their lives.

Over the years, Holt has expanded our work in the countries we serve.  Not only do these special graduates join their fellow adoptee graduates in the United States, but they also join many students around the world who are completing another phase of their education with the help of Holt International. Last year, we provided families in Cambodia with funds to help their children attend school. In India, we help girls from impoverished families purchase school uniforms and supplies. By funding a kindergarten in the rural area of Shinshicho, Ethiopia, we are helping children start their education off right.  And in China, generous Holt donors are helping young adults who are growing up without families to make their way through college — despite overwhelming cultural pressure.  We deeply understand the importance of education, and it is our joy to help vulnerable children have hope for the future by providing them with a stable family and a decent education.

Just as we help children overseas have a promising start in life, we also recognize the significance of providing a strong support system for the ones who have come before.  Holt strives to keep in touch with adult adoptees and continues to invest greater resources into our post-adoption services department. We provide assistance or guidance with anything from birth search and documentation services to heritage tours and opportunities to connect with fellow adoptees.

We pray that the current Holt graduates continue to excel in life, and whatever path they choose, we hope they stay in touch and let us continue the journey with them.

Phillip A. Littleton | President & CEO

* To view the graduate pages, please click here and select the 2014 graduate issue.

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