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A message to our readers from Holt’s managing editor.

Grad-Mag_0714-10Every year, I look forward to producing our annual graduate edition of the Holt magazine — featuring in yearbook-style the most recent class of Holt adoptee graduates.* It’s always so exciting to read about their impressive achievements, their diverse interests and chosen career paths. The 2014 graduates are a particularly impressive bunch — including, to name a few, college graduate Christina Beeghly, who plans to design and build prosthetics and orthotics; Samuel Houser, who earned his degree in aerospace engineering; and Melissa Anderson, who was one of 24 dancers accepted to Julliard this year. Click here to read her story.

While the graduate issue typically features Holt adoptees, this year we are broadening the scope of what defines a “Holt graduate.” In this issue, we share a story about Holt’s continuing education program in China and the nine students who graduated in June with support from their sponsors. These young scholars represent Holt’s gradual shift toward serving more children and families overseas through sponsorship, family strengthening and educational support programs. And although they’re not Holt adoptees, they are members of the extended Holt family and it’s only fitting that we celebrate their achievements alongside this year’s class of Holt graduates.

Education is the great equalizer. So said the great education reformer Horace Mann. Whether they grew up in an orphanage in China, on a farm in Iowa or in a palace in Dubai, every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life. And through education, we firmly believe that every child can escape a life of poverty and hardship. This is a belief we share with many of the families we serve around the world, including the young Vietnamese family we interviewed for our feature. “I want to see my children have an education and grow to become good people,” said the young mother, a woman whose struggles with cancer have devastated her family both financially and emotionally. She realizes that education is vital to her children’s health and happiness, and through our family strengthening program, Holt and Holt supporters are helping to keep her children in school.

We always feel inspired to see so much joy and hope in the faces of Holt graduates — both in the U.S. and in our programs overseas — and we love sharing this joy with you, our Holt families and friends. Please join with us in congratulating the Class of 2014!

Robin Munro | Managing Editor

* To view the graduate pages, please click here and select the 2014 graduate issue!

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