From the President: Generosity That Warms Our Hearts

A message of gratitude to our new child sponsors and Winter Jam volunteers.

Welcome to Spring!

Cover-231x300After one of the harshest winters on record, I’m sure those words are music to your ears.  For all of those whose lives were drastically affected by the severe winter weather, we wish for you a blessed and warm new season.

While winter brought with it many challenges, we were blessed to learn, through encouraging emails and phone calls to Holt, that many of you were able to get out and attend one of our exciting Winter Jam concerts.  I can’t think of a better way to have your hearts warmed and your spirits lifted than through wonderful Christian artists sharing their inspiring music, as well as Holt’s child sponsorship message.

Once again, Holt was blessed to partner with Christian band NewSong for another exhilarating Winter Jam season.  Since 2006, NewSong has helped find more than 50,000 new sponsors for vulnerable children around the world.  We were thrilled to join forces with them again to advocate for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children overseas.

In Atlanta, over 500 concertgoers committed to sponsoring a child in Holt’s care, and 300 volunteers helped in the sign-up process!  In Greensboro, North Carolina, 360 generous individuals made their way to sponsorship tables, deciding to give monthly to a child in Holt’s sponsorship program.   In Cleveland and Cincinnati, over 200 did the same!  For your generous support of our mission and your steadfast dedication to the children in our care, we thank you.  Hundreds of children are now getting their basic needs met because of you, our faithful new sponsors. And to the hundreds of Winter Jam volunteers who took the time to help pass out sponsorship information and patiently explain the sponsorship process, we could not have done it without you!  Thank you. You are true Holt ambassadors!

As Mother’s Day approaches, my thoughts and prayers turn now to the still struggling children who don’t yet have stable, loving homes and families.  I think of all the struggling mothers in our programs overseas who long to care for their children, but often struggle to provide for them.  To help support children and families in the countries we serve, we have included our special Mother’s Day Gifts of Hope catalog in this issue, listing items you can help fund by giving them as gifts to family, friends and your mother.  Each gift in our catalog brings hope to children and families around the world.  A small donation can give clothing, cribs and bedding to children in Korea, a goat to a struggling family in Ethiopia or school supplies to a girl in India.  One gift is all it could take to help a family survive. Help a child grow.  One gift could change a child’s life forever.

However you support Holt and the children in our care, whether through Holt sponsorship, through our Gifts of Hope catalog or through your prayers…. we thank you!

Phillip A. Littleton | President & CEO

 Mother’s Day is May 11th. Honor your mother with a Gift of Hope to children and families in need!


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