Children Who Wait

These and other children need adoptive families.

Waiting Child_Moriah

Born: 12.23.2005, S.E. Asia

Moriah is an adorable girl who responds well to positive reinforcement and thrives on the attention of adults.  It is expected that she will flourish in the right home. Moriah is generally healthy but has significant vision impairment.  She was born blind and had laser treatment on her eyes as an infant. Noted to be strong-willed, Moriah is also described as sweet and cute. An ideal family for Moriah has experience with vision impairment, can structure their home and lives around this special need, and has a good understanding of older child adoption. *There is a $5,000 Special Blessings grant from Holt for Moriah’s adoption and Holt fees have been reduced. For more information about Moriah, please contact Jessica Palmer at


Born: 06.26.2002, S.E. Asia  

Hector will gladly show you his beautiful smile when he receives attention, and is described by his foster parents as a sweet and loving boy who loves learning new things. He has been in the same foster family most of his life. Hector started learning English in 5th grade.  He enjoys playing soccer, but his true passion is music, especially the traditional drum and singing. Although easily frustrated at times, Hector’s listening skills have improved. Hector has a history of a soft systolic heart murmur for which he receives follow-up. He appears physically healthy, has well developed gross and fine motor skills, and loves to draw. Hector is noted to be a self-confident, observant and delightful child. He waits for an experienced adoptive family who can provide him with individual attention and understands the impact of grief and loss. For more information about Moriah, please contact Jessica Palmer at

Waiting Child_Kate and Mara

Kate & Mara
Born: 06.27.2006, Africa

These lovely twin girls came into care after their grandmother relinquished them.  Both girls are reportedly healthy and are attending educational classes at their care center. They are learning colors and counting, and are still working on developing their reading, writing and mathematic skills.  Kara is described as a happy and sociable little girl who enjoys singing.  Mara is described as a friendly girl who easily meets new people.  She enjoys helping care for the younger children at her care center.  These sisters are in need of an adoptive family who is knowledgeable about the impact of grief and loss on older adopted children and who has experience parenting past their age. For more information about Kate and Mara, please contact Lisa Vertulfo at

He Ying Hui (9)--PL

Born:  08.14.2000, China

Haleigh is an outgoing and talkative girl who currently lives in a foster family. She is in 6th grade, has a lot of friends and enjoys playing on the computer. While she is admittedly not a top student, she does enjoy her English class and has made average grades. Haleigh was found a few days after her birth and was brought to an orphanage. She had a cleft lip, which has since been repaired. The medical exam revealed she was also a Hepatitis B carrier. Haleigh has told her social workers that she wants to be adopted because several of her friends have been adopted. Due to Haleigh’s age, families must have a completed home study or a dossier already in China. An ideal family for Haleigh has experience with older child adoption, and has parented children beyond her age. For more information about Haleigh, contact Masha Ma at or Marissa Leuallen at

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