These Children Need Families

These and other children need adoptive families.



Born: 1/6/06, SE Asia

Kaden is a clever, thoughtful and engaging boy waiting for a permanent family. He enjoys math and he is excited to move on to the third grade. Kaden came into care shortly after he was born, and currently lives with 25 other boys. Kaden’s caretakers and teachers say he has a great memory and responds well to correction. In April 2006, Kaden was diagnosed with meningitis and anemia and was prescribed seizure medication and iron supplements. He is on track developmentally and he hasn’t had a seizure since 2008. Kaden enjoys soccer and basketball, despite his asthma, and is excited about the possibility of being adopted. Kaden gets along well with others in his care center and at school. An experienced adoptive family with knowledge of the impact of institutionalization, access to medical resources, and a translator in place is ideal for Kaden.

Mackenzie & Savannah

Mackenzie & Savannah

Born: 4/15/06 & 9/17/08, Africa

UPDATE: As of March 2014, MacKenzie and Savannah are in the process of being matched with a family and are no longer accepting requests. Mackenzie and Savannah are sisters who came into care following the death of their birth mother in June of 2013. The oldest sister, Mackenzie, is described as a healthy and sociable girl who gets along well with her peers and caregivers. She attends classes at her care center. She is able to count and can name most colors, but she is not reading or writing yet. Doctors are treating Savannah for a cyst in her upper left eyelid, but she is otherwise healthy and playful. She also gets along well with her peers and caregivers. Both girls are reported to have a positive attitude toward adoption. They are in need of a family knowledgeable about older child adoption and who can provide the girls with any medical care that they may need. Experience parenting past their age is preferred.

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Born: 03/31/2001, China

From our newest partnership, this handsome boy was found when he was only a few months old near an abandoned factory. He had a note on him that confirmed his birthday to be March 31, 2001. When doctors examined Milo they found deformation of his ears. Though he has hearing loss, he can understand adults’ words, and has some language skills. His speech is still unclear at times. In 2006, Milo joined a loving foster family. Today, Milo likes to watch television after school. He likes to do puzzles, play instruments and draw. Milo needs a family experienced with hearing impairments, older child adoption and the impacts of long-term institutionalization.



Born: 08/30/2001, China

Lance is a handsome boy who came into care shortly after birth. He has been living with his foster family since July 2004. His foster parents describe him as a smart, active and hardworking. Lance has congenital deformities of his elbows and wrists of both arms. Amazingly, he taught himself how to write by using his mouth, and his caretakers say his disability hasn’t slowed him down. His teachers and classmates love him. He does well in his studies and is a quick learner. Lance enjoys making people laugh, and his foster mother says that he always keeps them laughing. Lance is in need of family open to his medical needs and knowledgeable about older child adoption.

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