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Participants on Holt's 2014 vision trip to India. Among them are an adoptee, adoptive parents, a former Holt board member, and Holt sponsors.
Participants on Holt’s 2014 vision trip to India. Among them are an adoptee, adoptive parents, a former Holt board member and Holt sponsors.

As I read over the Winter 2014 issue of Holt International magazine, I begin to see a web of connections among the stories — among the lives of children and families impacted by Holt’s work, and the many people who play a supporting, but vital role in our efforts. We are all connected by one shared passion and one common belief: that every child deserves to grow up in a loving and secure home.

Our work could not continue without the support of those who share our vision — like sponsors Ken and Diane Matsuura, who in this issue describe the joy of meeting one of their sponsored children during Holt’s recent vision trip to India. Or adoptive parents like Cindy Bigelow, whose last evening of service on the Holt board of directors coincided with the Holt Gala and Auction in Portland last October. We are grateful for Cindy’s years of service on the board, as we are also grateful for volunteers who give one night of service to sign up new child sponsors during Winter Jam concerts. For adoptive mom Amanda Carter, it’s not the music that blew her away and brought her back to volunteer for a second year at Winter Jam. Read her story to find out what inspires her dedication.

We are also grateful for the wisdom of veteran adoptive families and adult adoptees who share their stories with our readers. Their guidance and perspective is truly invaluable, and through their words, they have the potential to help fellow parents struggling with a similar problem, inspire a prospective family to adopt, or provide insight into the experience of growing up adopted. In this issue, we feature a story from a Holt adoptive mom about how she and her husband learned to parent differently based on their children’s unique needs. We also hear from adult adoptee Kim Fenneman about preparing to visit Korea, her “motherland,” for the first time.

Last week would have marked the 110th birthday of Bertha Holt, who along with her husband, Harry, connected all of these lives together with their singular vision and pioneering spirit. In honor of this occasion, we share excerpts from Bertha’s personal journals about Holt’s beginnings in the early 1950s.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy our feature about Holt’s first vision trip to India. Vision trips bring together our wonderful supporters — sponsors, adoptees, adoptive families, donors and others —  to see our shared vision realized in our work overseas. In the winter issue, Holt staff member Sally Dougherty shares about their journey, the children they met, and the moments that moved them most.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Robin Munro | Managing Editor

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