From the President: A Message of Hope, A Gift of Love

A holiday message from Holt’s president and CEO.

Weaved throughout the Christmas season is the theme of “messages.” We celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus to earth to share His message of love and hope for the future. And today, as we prepare for the holidays, we receive messages in our mail from family and friends, wishing us happiness and health. These warm messages offer us all a heartfelt reminder of all the blessings the Lord has provided throughout the year.

I recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia, a beautiful country, indeed, but one that is in desperate need of another kind of message — a message from people here in the United States, especially at Christmas time. A message that we have not forgotten what the Lord has called us to do: “help the widows and orphans in their distress.”

Through our special Gifts of Hope catalog, Holt offers you a chance to do just that, and not just in Ethiopia.DSC_0096

Maybe you adopted a child from China or India. Wouldn’t it be special to send a Christmas gift to a vulnerable child who lives in your child’s birth country? Or help a struggling family provide for their children? This holiday season, you can purchase gift items for your family members and other loved ones that will go directly to children in Holt’s care. Items that will help a girl in India receive a proper education, or help a family generate income.

This Christmas, you can also help Holt finish construction on the maternal-child hospital in Shinshicho, Ethiopia — the project featured on page 6. Through your gift, you could help save the lives of thousands of children, and bring a brighter future to the people of Shinshicho.
Just as we receive loving messages during Christmas time, it’s time to send the people of Ethiopia, and all the countries where we work, a message that we care about what happens to them. A Christ-centered message of good wishes, of health, of happiness and of hope.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Phillip A. Littleton | President & CEO

Honor your loved ones this holiday season by giving to children and families in need! Click here to view Holt’s Gifts of Hope catalog online.

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