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Born: 06.18.04, China

Once, one of Josie’s friends stepped on an ant, and Josie was very sad. “Teacher,” she said, “I want to bring it home and take care of him.” The teacher replied, “The ant will bite you.” Josie said, “He will not bite me because I will treat him well, and he will treat me well also.” Josie has been with a foster family since she was two months old. She was born with cleft lip and palate and has received services from the Amity Foundation. Her lip and palate were corrected before her second birthday and her developmental milestones have been on target. She is good at making friends, has a vibrant personality, and she is doing well in school. Josie needs a family who will support her through the grief she may experience when she leaves the foster family she has been with for many years. Her adoptive family should have the resources to support her educational needs and treat any possible medical issues that may arise.


Born: 09.17.03, S.E. Asia

Payton has been in care since he was one month old, after his mother died of complications from HIV. Payton has tested negative for the disease. He lives with a group of nine boys between the ages of 5 and 9. He can be shy at times, and needs time to adjust to new people and environments, but he also enjoys spending time with his peers. He is soft-spoken and sweet. Payton was born with Crouzon syndrome, which has affected the development of his skull. He has craniosynostosis, which required reconstructive surgery, and his doctors suspect he will need at least one additional surgery. He also has mild hearing loss in his right ear. Payton likes to run, jump, and play. Described as bright and quick to learn, Payton can read and write, and complete double-digit addition and subtraction problems. He is neat and organized, but does need some help to build his self-confidence. Coloring and reading are a few of Payton’s favorite activities. He receives therapy to treat torticollis and unclear speech, and would do best with a family who has experience with older child adoption and who can provide him with any medical care or therapy he needs.


Aaron, Ethan and Mick
Born: 09.22.98 (twins) and 03.27.00, S.E. Asia

Aaron, Ethan and Mick are a healthy sibling group in need of their forever family. They came into care after their parents died and their older siblings were no longer able to care for them.  Upon coming into care, they were all treated for a non-infectious form of tuberculosis and are all healthy now. The oldest boys are twins, both described as natural leaders. They enjoy group dance routines at their care center. Aaron enjoys school and his teachers said he is eager to learn. He knows some English words, and does well in math. His favorite color is blue and he would like to be an artist or a pilot. Aaron’s twin, Ethan, also likes school and helps younger children with their work. He is protective of his brothers, and would also like to be a pilot when he grows up. The youngest brother, Mick, is a fast learner, and easily comprehends lessons in school. He is well-behaved and completes his homework on his own. He loves spending time with his older brothers, and going to the library to read books. Mick likes to play with cars, trucks, robots and airplanes. His favorite color is green and he would like to be a scientist or astronaut when he grows up. These loving brothers would do best with a family who has experience parenting past their age, who can help them maintain their relationship with their older siblings, and who are knowledgeable about the impact that international adoption can have on older children. Previous adoption experience is preferred.

* Due to requirements in the siblings’ birth country, we can only post group photos of them with other children.

Aaron, Ethan & Mick

Born: 04.29.05, Africa

When Brecken’s birth father disappeared, his birth mother was unable to raise him alone. Brecken recently visited an ophthalmologist for excessive redness of his eyes and irritation. He is being treated for an eye allergy, but is otherwise in good physical and mental health. Brecken is very active and sociable, and enjoys playing with his peers and watching movies. He attends school and excels at dance and poetry. He has a good relationship with his caretakers and shows concern for the younger children at the center. Brecken needs a family who is experienced in older child adoption and understands the impact of grief on development, emotional regulation, transition and academic learning. An ideal family will keep him in contact with friends and relatives, have access to any medical care he may need, and should also have a plan for how to communicate effectively with Brecken during the transition.


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