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Greg and Theo from Africa

Born 5.13.98 and 7.17.00


These healthy brothers were relinquished last year by an aunt who cared for them after their mother passed away and their father left. Both parents were reportedly HIV positive, though Greg and Theo have both tested negative. The boys attend school and are reportedly doing quite well. Greg’s favorite subject is physics. They also love playing soccer and sculpting. These handsome young men get along well with their peers and adults and are developmentally on target. They have both expressed interest in being adopted someday. A potential family should be experienced with older child adoption, have access to role models and cultural diversity, and understand the impact of grief and loss on child development.


Greg and Theo


Paul from NE Asia

Born 11.30.2011


Baby boy Paul was born at 34 weeks and remained in the hospital for a month to be treated for prematurity, cyanosis and sepsis. His birth mother reportedly smoked and drank throughout the pregnancy. During his most recent check-up, Paul was assessed to be at an 8-9 month gross motor developmental level, and 5 to 6-month level in all other areas. He is able to crawl, sit up and pull to a standing position. In February, a neurosongram noted that he has a germinal matrix hemorrhage and a paraventricular cyst. He has continued to have brain abnormalities in follow up tests. In September 2012, his neurology follow up noted that he has a deep tendon reflex and that he is slightly spastic. Well baby checks also note that he has crossed eyes, for which he has begun occlusion therapy. Paul is in need of a family who is comfortable with the unknowns regarding his brain abnormality and who can provide him with any medical care that he may need.Paul


Moriah from SE Asia

Born 12.23.2005


Moriah is an adorable little girl who responds well to positive reinforcement and thrives on the attention of adults. It is expected that she will flourish in the right home. When Moriah’s father left, her mother placed her in care in 2008 and then legally relinquished her for adoption in 2010. Moriah is generally healthy but has significant vision impairment. She was born blind and had laser treatment on her eyes as an infant. She seems to have some very limited near-sighted vision. Her left foot is also abnormally developed, and she was unable to walk until she was three. Her gross motor skills have since improved, and she can now walk, climb and run, as witnessed by the waiting Child program manager on a March 2011 visit. Moriah loves to dance. Though noted to be strong-willed, she has a sweet and cute personality overall. Moriah’s ideal family will have experience with visual impairment, and will be able to structure their lives and home around this special need. Moriah has a $5,000 Special Blessings Grant from Holt and Holt fees have been reduced.



Yankee from China

Born 5.28.2006


Yankee was admitted to the city orphanage on May 15, 2010. After a check up, medical staff estimated his date of birth and diagnosed him with 21-trisomy syndrome. According to caregivers in the orphanage, Yankee’s motor development is on target although his mental development is delayed. Yankee is very self-sufficient despite his delays. He can walk, and go up and down stairs without assistance. He can also dress and feed himself. Yankee currently studies in his orphanage’s special education classroom. He can recognize the beat of music and dances with other children. Although Yankee doesn’t speak often, he understands what is being expressed and will follow instructions. Yankee has recently started enunciating words can now greet others. He is described as a natural extrovert. He can also be stubborn and impatient at times, but calms down easily. He loves when others speak softly to him. When caregivers ask him to help out with daily chores, he does so with a delightful and helpful heart. This sweet and helpful little boy is in need of a loving family comfortable with his condition and able to provide any therapies he may require.




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