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Mother’s Day Gifts of Hope

Phil embraces his sponsored child, Mali.  Phil and his family have sponsored Mali's care in Thailand for the past 2 years.
Phil embraces his sponsored child, Mali. Phil and his family have sponsored Mali’s care in Thailand for the past 2 years.

Every morning, I see Mali’s photo on my refrigerator at home. For the past 2 years, my wife and three children have sponsored Mali’s care in Thailand through Holt International’s child sponsorship program – providing her most basic necessities, and helping her to grow and thrive. As Holt president and CEO, it means so much to me – and to my family – to be a part of this little girl’s life, and to give back to Holt in this special way. *Mali lives with her mother, twin sister, *Kanya, and other extended family members. For two years, my family has been linked to Mali, praying for her from a distance and longing to provide her with hope and a future. By the grace of God and through our sponsorship support, we pray that she can grow in a safe and loving environment.

Just a couple weeks ago, I traveled to Thailand, the Philippines and Korea and got to meet Mali in Thailand – a moment that I will never forget. I was able to hold Mali and tell her about my family, including my daughter, who is just about her age. She smiled at me, clasped her hands together and thanked me for being her sponsor.  It means the world to me to be able to support Mali. But as president and CEO of Holt, I see the bigger picture. During our visit, Mali’s mother, *Lawan, shared her personal goals with me.  Lawan told me that she would like to continue her education in the civil service – giving her the resources and skills she needs to one day care for her children independent of Holt’s support.  Helping families become self-reliant and stable is always the ultimate goal of Holt’s family strengthening programs. I was extremely moved to hear Lawan’s plans for the future, to hear of her dedication to her two girls and to hear of her ambitions to continue with her education.  And I am happy to do my small part.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I think about mothers like Lawan. Her strength and dedication are an inspiration. And while my sponsorship support helps provide for her daughter, she is the person on the ground, doing the hard work.  In honor of mothers like Lawan, I challenge each and every one of you to support a mother – and, in turn, a child – in Holt’s care by providing a Mother’s Day Gift of Hope. By giving the gift of vocational training or livestock to a struggling mother, you are not just helping a mother, you are coming alongside a whole family.

I pray for all the mothers out there who are struggling to provide for their children. I pray that each of us, through sponsorship support or through a Gift of Hope, can help these women at some of the most desperate times of their lives – so that they, too, can one day live independent of Holt’s services and provide the best life possible for their children.



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