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Volunteer in the Republic of Korea

The Holt Ilsan Center is a residential care facility, which began as a modest set of buildings built by Harry Holt after the Korean War, to care for disabled and homeless children. Several of the structures that he built are still in use today. Currently, Ilsan serves the needs of approximately 300 residents, ranging in age from toddlers to adults. All of the residents have some sort of disability, and receive therapy and training to overcome challenges that they may face. They live in group-home settings, and receive care from dedicated staff.

Volunteers from overseas can live on-site, and may work with resident staff. They are primarily given responsibilities that they carry out without constant supervision. Volunteers assist the residents and staff in daily activities, outings, and special events. Because they are entrusted with the care of residents who may be totally dependent on their assistance, Ilsan requires that volunteers must be at least twenty years old, and all must submit proper applications and provide references. More volunteers are needed in the fall and especially winter. Volunteers must be able to serve in Korea for one to three months.

Some people do not know that Holt Children's Services in the USA and Holt Children's Services of Korea are two separate and independent agencies. As such, if you are interested in serving at Ilsan, you must contact Holt Children's Services in Korea directly to find out about any volunteer opportunities, and to apply. Volunteering is a tremendous opportunity to help others, to learn about Korea, and to make a difference in the world. You may send an inquiry to holt_volunteer@yahoo.co.kr.

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