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My All-American Journey…to a 1st Time Author

Corn Fed Front Cover HR (3)My adoption journey started in September, 1975 when I came to the States at 7 months old to Minneapolis, MN where my adoptive parents were waiting.  I grew up in a small farming community in northeastern Iowa on a dairy farm.  My older brother and I had a traditional and simple upbringing.  We used our imaginations to create endless days of fun, playing, learning and exploring the farm.  We helped in the garden, played on tractors, ran around on barn rooftops, played basketball in the hay loft, and built sandcastles until dusk.  It was a joyful childhood.  We lived near my dad’s side of the family (he’s one of five children), so we grew up going to almost monthly birthday parties for cousins, anniversaries for aunts and uncles, and celebrating every holiday together.  Family traditions were strong back then and have been carried on by my cousins and now their kids.  It was an ideal upbringing for me to be raised in a community that totally and completely accepted me into a big family that unconditionally loved and supported me.  It’s all any of us can ask for as a child or for our own children…to grow up to be accepted, loved and supported by our family and our communities.

With that solid foundation, I never felt any different from anyone else growing up.  So, I’ve never really questioned, “who I am” or, “where I’m from” because my self-worth was engrained in me at a very young age.  I’ve always had good self-esteem (except during those teenage years where we all go through “that” phase) and I’ve always had a healthy self-confidence in who I am.  Again, I’m thankful for growing up in that place at that time in my life.  It was a blessing.

So, how did I get from there to writing my first book about adoption?  Good question!  Recently, I’ve looked back over the past 3-4 years and I can clearly see God’s path for me in giving me the opportunity to write this book.  He not only gave me the time to write it, but he also gave me the ability to write it, as well as, the courage to tell my story.  We all have a story and some may share it more publicly than others.  In general, I’m a fairly reserved person and I like to keep a lot of things to myself.  So, having the foresight, courage and motivation to write this book is God’s ever-present light in my life and my growth as a person in that light.  I say that because I never sought out to be an author or to write a book.  That was never a life-longKim F - Dad (3) dream of mine.  It just happened.  Truly.

Initially, I just wanted to see how many stories I could write down and then when I saw I could potentially have enough to actually have a book, it became more of a project…to actually see if I could do it.  So, without looking too far ahead I just took it step by step…continuing to write and then finishing it, researching the publishing process, creating my query letter, sending my query letter to hundreds of literary agents and publishers and then finally finding a publisher that was willing to publish my book!  One step at a time…and even then it was a new adventure of what the actual publishing process would be, so again just taking it one step at a time.  And now the publishing process is complete!  I am actually holding MY book in my hands!  Who knew?  It’s a reality and not a dream realized, but an accomplishment that I’m proud of and hope to inspire other adoptees and even non-adoptees out there with my stories and my journey.  The reality of this book is a testament to God’s work in my life and his will for my life.  Something that was never on my radar has now been actualized and it’s amazing.  So, be open to whatever path God calls you to go down, even if you never saw it coming!

My intention for this book is to provide hope and inspiration to other adoptees to know they are not alone and that we all go through similar questions, confusion and situations throughout our lives.  However, I wanted to shine a different perspective on adoption and show how daily life and the situations we face as adoptees or just being Asian can be humorous.  I take a light-hearted spin and sometimes sarcastic look at everyday life so that not only adoptees can relate, but so that non-adoptees can see what it’s like to be an adoptee…the questions we get, the confusion, the stereotypes, or even the non-acceptance we receive on a daily basis.  It’s all real and I provide a very truthful look into the life of a Korean adoptee.

So, I hope anyone who reads the book can find a piece of themselves in it, can relate to a certain situation, can laugh and can find greater understanding and acceptance of one another.  I know all Kim F - Family Photo (3)adoptees and their situations are different, so there’s not one right answer to every question we may have.  But, we share a common bond…being adopted.  So, I hope this book helps open the dialogue for you to other adoptees and their experiences or to non-adoptees in gaining greater understanding of our circumstances.  We may not have all the answers, but that’s what our life journeys are for…to explore, to learn, to reflect and to share with others.

I’m excited to share my story with you through the publication of my first book, Corn-fed with Rice on the Side!  For more information and to purchase a copy, go to

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