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Welcome to the online version of Holt International Magazine -- a quarterly publication of touching stories from Holt adoptive families, stories from adult adoptees, helpful information and country updates, and great photos of families who have come together through the wonderful journey of adoption! Click on the arrow to the right to look through the most current issue, and click the pages to view the magazine in full screen.

Holt International Magazine's fall issue features Holt graduates who have graduated from high school, college or vocational school....if your son or daughter has recently graduated, click here for an online Graduate Submission form.

We'd love to hear from you!....is there a story you'd like to share with other adoptive families, adoptees or families considering adoption? Do you have a photo of your child you would like included in the "Holt Fridge" section of the magazine?
E-mail your story (250-1,000 words) to Robin Munro.

Or click here to submit a photo.

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