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She was an American Mother of the Year. She was recognized by heads of state, the recipient of many national awards. But “Grandma” was the title she coveted most.

It’s been several years since Grandma Holt passed away, but in many ways she remains with us. She has left a profound legacy that continues to anchor the center of Holt’s work.

Even in our own culture, the Holts moved adoption out from the shadows. At the time they adopted in 1955, adoption in the United States was often a secretive process. Many children were matched to parents by their physical appearance to conceal the fact of their adoption. But by openly adopting children from another country and race, the Holts lifted adoption from shame to a symbol of love. They proved that race and nationality do not limit a family’s love.

As we recall the accomplishments of Bertha Holt we should feel inspired to continue advocating for homeless children as she did.

“The most fitting tribute we can pay this exceptional woman is to build on her commitment to adoption and to the millions of children still in need of permanent homes around the world,” wrote Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But in remembering her, we should not forget her wonderful, generous love. It was Grandma Holt’s expansive love that endeared her to so many around the world.

“It seemed as our numbers [of adoptees] grew, so did Grandma’s capacity to love us all,” said Susan Soon-keum Cox at Grandma’s memorial service. “It was her great gift to make each one of us feel precious.”

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