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Holt, a historical perspective

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A historical perspective

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Harry Holt arrives in the U.S. with the eight children he and his wife adopted from Korea, 1955

"Grandma" Holt poses in a traditional Korean hanbok for her 80th birthday.

Children at Holt's Ilsan Center, Korea, greet Grandma Holt, 1968.

Harry Holt with his eight adoptive children in Seoul Korea, 1955.

Harry Holt on floor feeding one of the eight children the Holts adopted.

Bertha Holt with Vice President Hubert Humphrey at the American Mother of the Year presentation, 1966.

Grandma Holt holds a child in care in India, 1994.

Grandma Holt set a world record for her age group in the 400 meters at the Hayward Masters Track and Field Championships, 1996.

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