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Holt's China Family Testimonials
Hear what real families say about the China Program

Why Choose Holt? In their own words...
Video—Why In their own words
Three different families say why they chose Holt International for their adoption from China. The Moffitt family share some thoughts about their China adoption experiences.

Ivy Shaffer-Marks,
mother of Kira:

Kira’s cleft lip had been repaired in China, and she still needed her palate repaired. Other issues such as hearing and speech were not a big concern because of reassuring medical updates. To us, this baby was the most beautiful child we had ever seen.

Since her arrival home, we have had many more wonderful moments as we watch our daughter learn to speak and grow into a spunky toddler.

There is so much to say about the China program; I simply do not have enough accolades for the program nor the staff that seemed to hold my hand during the entire trip. For me, a dream had come true.  I can only encourage future parents to consider the China program as a wonderful means to find your child. Our lives are so full of happiness and love for our daughter.

SueAnn Rand,
mother of Calista:

We had a wonderful trip to China, with Holt guiding us and helping us every step of the way. At the medical check-up in Guangzhou, we were told that Calista’s heart had healed. We were very excited but wanted to wait until we returned to the United States to confirm this. Upon our return, our physician did indeed confirm that our daughter’s heart had healed on its own.  We were blessed with a perfectly healthy little girl! 

If you are even thinking about adopting from the China program, go ahead and fill out the medical conditions list – you have nothing to lose and a beautiful child to gain! Calista fits in with our family perfectly. There is no doubt that she was born into this world to be a Rand girl!

Michele Mazzio,
mother of Daniel:

One day I was reading an article about little boys in China who needed families. In the past, I had only naturally thought about the little girls. I had never considered adopting a boy from China.

My husband and I discussed the China program and explored the possibility of being open to adopting a boy. We called Holt and told them that we would like to be considered as a prospective family, and that we preferred adopting a boy with a mild, correctable medical condition.

Words cannot even express how much love I have for Daniel. He is truly an amazing boy.  Daniel has gone through a lot since we brought him home, but he laughs and smiles every day. He completed a month and a half of serial casting for his feet and is now wearing his braces. He will only need to wear the braces at night after about a year. I never imagined how much my life would be completed by my family.

Sue Smith,
mother of Meighan:

Meighan was born with a very minor cleft lip, repaired when she was 6 months old. Now, at 2, she has very good fine and gross motor skills, smiles and laughs readily, loves to run, blow bubbles, be tickled, and do just about anything outside. She also loves music and dancing.  As far as her lip goes, doctors say it’s a good repair, and I doubt she’ll need more work on it.  Meighan came to us as a “special needs” child, but she’s as healthy as any kid.


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