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Chamie, Charlie and Mandie Need an Adoptive Family!

Chamie, Charlie and Mandie are siblings who are currently living in different care centers, waiting to unite together with an adoptive family! A Families Not Finances grant is available to help find these children an adoptive family.

Mandie and Charlie being silly in the animal masks they made during craft time.

Seven-year-old Mandie is the youngest. She makes friends easily and her caregivers describe her as caring and helpful. Once she is comfortable, she has a lively and happy personality! Her favorite activities are playing with puzzles and playing make-believe with her friends. Mandie also enjoys going to the zoo because she loves animals. Her favorite animals are elephants and chickens.

Charlie is the middle child and he is eight years old. He is described as shy, quiet and reserved until he gets comfortable with his surroundings. Once he warms up, he is very engaging and affectionate! He is caring towards people he knows well. He loves to play with friends, dance and go to school!

Chamie is the oldest and she is ten years old. Some of her favorite activities are playing with dolls, drawing and jumping rope! Her caregivers describe her as a cheerful and quiet child who communicates her thoughts and feelings well. She is very motivated to be adopted with her younger siblings and is interested in learning English.

Chamie, Charlie and Mandie would do best as the only children in the home. The best fit for these siblings is a family with knowledge of older child adoption who is open to potential unknowns in the siblings’ development. Chamie and Charlie have strabismus (crossed eyes), and Charlie needs further assessments to determine the best care for his needs, which include cognitive and developmental delays. Holt staff have assessed them personally, and are available to share their impressions with any interested prospective adoptive families. Could you or someone you know be the right family for Chamie, Charlie and Mandie?

Chamie coloring with a few of her caregivers, one of her favorite activities.

The faces of these children are obscured due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos of Chamie, Charlie and Mandie, or to request more information.

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