“Good and Tasty” Breakfast in Haiti

Now Wilson can concentrate at school. But until he enrolled in our breakfast program in Haiti, this wasn’t always the case.

Before, Wilson ate breakfast sometimes. And sometimes his mother bought him a small cookie on their walk to school for him to eat later.

But most of the time Wilson had no food at all. And the effects were obvious.

“He was difficult to keep focused in the morning,” says Wilson’s teacher. “He would complain of headaches and abdominal pain. He was probably hungry.”

“He was difficult to keep focused in the morning. He would complain of headaches and abdominal pain. He was probably hungry.”

Wilson’s teacher at school

Wilson was hungry… But he isn’t anymore, because of you!

Thanks to you, Wilson enrolled in Holt’s school breakfast program in Haiti. Now he gets a filling, nutritious breakfast before going to his classroom.

The menu includes peanut butter sandwiches, corn porridge, bananas, boiled eggs, milk — and sometimes even chocolate milk! Each breakfast is protein-filled and perfect for helping a child concentrate, develop and grow.

“Sometimes,” Wilson says, “the ladies in charge allow me to take an extra cup of chocolate milk. It’s so good and tasty!”

Wilson, enjoying a cup of juice at school!

Everyone can see the difference in Wilson.

“He no longer has headaches, he is more joyful and he is learning much better,” say his parents. Wilson’s teacher also says that it’s made a big impact.

“The most important difference the school breakfast in Haiti program has made in my classroom,” she says, “is that my students have much more success on exams! I was able to see a very big difference in the academic performance of mystudents.”

Thank you for giving Wilson the filling, nutritious breakfast he needs to grow, learn and have success in school!

Hungry little girl in Africa

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