Winter Jam 2015 was a Blast!

Holt adoptee Ben Diehl and his dad, Matt, share about their experience volunteering at this year’s Winter Jam concert in Des Moines, Iowa.

As I reflect on my Winter Jam experience from this past January in Des Moines, Iowa, I realize how blessed I was to help Holt International at Winter Jam. In 2003, our family traveled to Pune, India to bring home our adopted 4-and-a-half-year-old son from the BSSK orphanage. Benjamin was a little, smiley boy who enjoyed people. As Benjamin grew older — he is currently 15 years old — his love for Christian music has grown. We have attended many Winter Jams in the past, but this time we wanted to volunteer for Holt. Both Benjamin and I have a passion for encouraging others to take the step to help needy children all over the world. We feel overwhelmed with how God has blessed us and long to be a blessing to others. Winter Jam does an excellent job of letting others know about the needs of the kids that Holt sponsors. As volunteers, we were given ten kids’ folders to hand out to folks who would stand up and plan to make a commitment as a sponsor to that child. It was hard not to have tears in our eyes as we prayed over each child before the concert started. Would the Lord bring them to Iowa? What will become of their lives? I am grateful to the Lord for my son, and I will continue to pray for these kids. Thank you Holt and Winter Jam for allowing me to have a glimpse of what the Lord can do through people who care for the orphans.

                                              — Matt Diehl, Holt adoptive parent Continue reading “Winter Jam 2015 was a Blast!”