You can’t predict the future … but you can prepare for it


As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake in April, causing buildings to collapse and killing thousands of innocent men, women and children.

We are always heartbroken when already vulnerable families are forced to endure the life-changing devastation from natural disasters, and even more heartbroken when they are forced to wait in the rubble for aid to arrive.

We were similarly distraught when Haiti was hit by a catastrophic earthquake five years ago. And again when typhoons destroyed homes and childcare centers in the Philippines in 2013. And when food shortages and drought kill thousands in Ethiopia.

Sadly, we can’t anticipate every natural disaster, but we can create solutions that help us act fast in the face of the unpredictable.

When you give a gift to our crisis response fund through Gifts of Hope, you help deliver critical aid — like food, water, medicine and temporary shelter — to families, care centers and programs for children following a natural disaster.


By having a pool of funds ready, we are able to act faster and more efficiently, saving lives and keeping families together.

Just like in Haiti and the Philippines, Holt will always remain in the wake of devastation to help rebuild. But with your help, we can be prepared to act immediately — because no child should have to wait for food and water to arrive.

We thank you for your love and compassion. Consider giving a gift today.

Holt’s Efforts to Rebuild in the Philippines (An Update)

Last year, generous friends of Holt helped raised $50,000 for children and families in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Tacloban region and surrounding areas. Two Holt-supported care centers were tragically among the devastation. One center was completely destroyed, and the other had extensive roof damage.

A Holt-funded child care facility in the Philippines that was damaged during a the super typhoon.

After aid donations poured in, Holt and our partners went to work, estimating the damage and allocating the funds appropriately. “Some children were temporarily transferred to safer orphanages through sponsorship support,” Thoa Bui, Holt’s senior executive for Southeast Asia programs, said. “And most of the relief fund went to rebuild the damaged orphanages.” Nine social workers and house parents whose homes washed away had funds allotted to their home repair as well. Continue reading “Holt’s Efforts to Rebuild in the Philippines (An Update)”

Beyond Blessed

Adoptive parents Chad and Becky Hinze share their experience adopting 12-year-old Paolo Miguel just days after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philipinnes, and bringing him home to join their family. Paulo joined his family through the Philippines Ambassador Program.

How many people can say that flying into the Philippines just five hours before the most horrific storm in history hit — and living in an orphanage for the five days after — was the absolute best experience of their lives?

We can!

Continue reading “Beyond Blessed”

To Survive and Start Anew

Children in care in the Philippines stand outside of a damaged child care facility following Typhoon Haiyan.

On November 7, a massive typhoon devastated regions of the Philippines — including areas where Holt-funded childcare facilities operate. As the storm hit, staff at Holt’s office in Eugene, Oregon, anxiously waited to reestablish contact with our partners in the area. Communication lines were down, and the news reports of horrific damage and loss of life made staff fear the worst. Continue reading “To Survive and Start Anew”