Travel with Holt’s Korea Gift Team in 2015!

Share in the Joy and Spirit of Christmas!

Holt needs volunteers to sign up for this year’s gift team trip to Korea! Every December, volunteers on Holt’s gift team trip deliver gifts and host celebrations for the children, foster mothers and caregivers at our care centers in Korea — a tradition that the children and residents look forward to every year!


All year long, in preparation for this special week, the children make gifts and practice songs and skits to perform for gift team travelers.

Members of the gift team also get a chance to tour the Ilsan center, Jeonju Babies’ Home and other Holt-supported programs in Korea.

Experience the culture, taste the cuisine, and marvel at the extraordinary beauty of Korea. But most of all, help create a magical, joyous Christmas for children and residents in Holt’s care!

If you would like to join the gift team to Korea and help bring some holiday cheer, please contact Courtney Young for more information and to receive a registration form. Continue reading “Travel with Holt’s Korea Gift Team in 2015!”