Journey of Hope 2020: TBRI Adoptive Family Camp

This summer, Holt International in Oregon will host its second annual TBRI camp for adoptees and their parents!

This two-day family camp is designed around the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® parenting curriculum for domestic and international adoptees and their families. Even years after their adoption, some children may struggle with behavior regulation, attachment and social skills. With specialized assistance from TBRI practitioners, this camp will equip families with tools and strategies they can use to help their child learn self-regulation skills and deepen family attachment. Other activities include fun sensory games, art, nurture and movement groups and maybe even a visit with a furry friend!

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TBRI® – The latest and greatest tool for adoptive parents!

Holt’s social work manager for the China program shares what she learned from a week-long training on Trust-Based Relational Intervention, a new tool to help adoptive parents correct their children’s behavior without compromising their emotional connection.

Did you know that it takes 400 repetitions to learn something new… but only 12 if you learn it while engaging in play? This is true because of how our brain synapses work.  It’s no wonder we treasure throughout our lives those fun family vacations and epic sports wins over countless other memories. Recently, I learned how researchers, psychologists and specialists in child development have adapted the staying power of these positive interactions into useful parenting tools. In September, I attended a week-long training with Dr. Karyn Purvis for professionals who plan to use the latest and greatest tool for adoptive parents, Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®).

Developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at Texas Christian University’s Institute of Child Development, TBRI is a parenting approach for all children.  It combines nurturing and structure in a way that teaches respect and compliance while also being loving and playful. TBRI uses immediate response approaches tailored to the level of misbehavior and the developmental level of your child. Since the delivery is positive and often playful, it allows the household to move on from conflicts quickly when they arise. No hard feelings.

As a social worker for Holt’s China Program, I am excited to share my praises about the TBRI program and, hopefully, spark some interest in those of you exploring adoption. Holt is thrilled to be providing families who are in process of adopting with the TBRI curriculum.

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