Nigel’s Turn

Recently, Jessica Zeeb — Holt’s child match coordinator for the China program — met Nigel,*  a boy who has just two years to find a family before he becomes ineligible for international adoption. Below, she shares about their visit, what impressed her about Nigel and why it’s Nigel’s turn to join a loving family. Please share his story!

Born January 16, 2003, China

Nigel in Captain Hat“Who are some of your favorite friends?”

The little girl I am interviewing smiles as she names several other children her age. Then she pauses for a moment, and her face breaks into a huge grin. “And Big Brother Nigel!” she finishes with a flourish, gesturing toward the 12-year-old boy sitting quietly to my left. Nigel smiles back at her and then lowers his gaze to the floor, perhaps a little embarrassed by all the attention. She is not the first child who has named him as one of their favorite friends.

At 12 years old, Nigel is one of the oldest children in the orphanage, and he has lived here all his life. He is a role model and big brother figure to many of the other children, and it’s hard to imagine a boy better suited to this role. Steady and kind, Nigel gets good grades at the public school he attends and cooperates well with his caregivers, teachers and friends. Continue reading “Nigel’s Turn”