5 Ways You Feed Hungry Children

Hunger is one of the most devastating needs among children living in poverty. Every day, our staff around the world meet new children who don’t have enough to eat. So many children are sick, dangerously thin, have low energy, listless eyes and more because of lack of food. It’s heartbreaking.

But hunger is also one of the biggest needs Holt donors help meet. This year alone, Holt donors will have helped to feed more than 50,000 children by Thanksgiving.

And for Thanksgiving this year, so many people are choosing to share their blessings with a child in need by giving them nourishing food.

Your gift to help feed a hungry child can look several different ways in the field. But by whatever means and in whichever circumstance, you help to meet children exactly where they are — rushing food to them in the moment they need it most.

Here are 5 ways you help feed children around the world!

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