We urgently need families for children in the Philippines

philippines-apw--Header-600x575Have you considered adopting from the Philippines?

This program is small, stable and predictable — and in urgent need of families for children. This program is a great fit for:

Younger couples, married for at least three years, ages 27-45, with less than three children.
Families strong in their Christian or Catholic faith. A 5-year church attendance letter is required.
Families who are open to a child of either gender.
Single applicants open to a child age 6+.
Families open to children ages 2-5 with minor special needs.
Families open to older children, siblings or children with more profound special needs.

Does this sound like your family? If so, we’re excited to hear from you!

Email Holt’s adoption counselor, Emily Lund, at emilyl@holtinternational.org. You can reach her by phone at 541-687-2202.

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These Brothers Need a Family

In May 2015, four Holt ambassadors traveled to the Philippines to get to know a special group of children — all of them older, many of them in sibling groups. Five years ago, Holt began participating in this special adoption program as a way to increase home-finding efforts for older children and sibling groups in the Philippines. The ambassadors spend a week bonding with the children then return to the U.S. to help the children find loving families. Below, Holt adoptive parent Larry Vollmer shares about a sibling group of two boys he met while serving as an ambassador on last year’s trip — boys for whom we are still seeking a family!!

Have you ever been totally surprised by an event or circumstance so much that you can’t stop thinking about it? I have lost count of how many times I think back about my recent trip to the Philippines as a member of the Holt ambassador team. Truly, a life-changing experience for me. Hopefully, it will also be a life-changing event for these wonderful children.

Andy and Mike sit beside other children on this year’s ambassador trip.

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Philippines Ambassadors Update: Now Seeking Families for 14 Children

Fourteen beautiful children from the Philippines are waiting for families!

In May, four Holt ambassadors traveled to the Philippines to get to know these children — all of them older, many of them in sibling groups. Four years ago, Holt began participating in this special adoption program as a way to increase home-finding efforts for older children and sibling groups in the Philippines. The ambassadors spend a week bonding with the children then return to the U.S. to help the children find loving families.

“Our outreach was to meet several sibling groups of older children,” writes Larry Vollmer, one of this year’s Holt ambassadors and an adoptive parent from McMinnville, Oregon. “In addition to meeting these children, we [would] interact and learn their story so we can come back and advocate for an eventual placement in their forever home. Sounds quite simple, and the process actually was, but what made this experience so meaningful is these children buried themselves deeply into our hearts.”

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Growing Together

A story recently published in The Catholic Spirit, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Metuchen, features one Holt adoptive father who helped advocate for older children in the Philippines during last year’s Philippines Ambassador Program.

Growing Together

Couple advocate adoption after enriching experiences

By Chris Donahue

TEWKSBURY, N.J. — Last fall, Holt, a Christian-based international organization that facilitates adoption of children from 11 countries, needed help. Tony Formica was one individual who decided to become an ambassador for Holt, which had helped him become a father. Thirteen years earlier, the member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Whitehouse Station, together with his wife, Caroline, had adopted his first child, Lia, through Holt. Then, through the organization, the Formicas adopted Joe, 11, Lucy, 7, and Anthony, 6 and on Jan. 18 they welcomed Maria.

All of the children were born in different cities or regions in China. The first three were adopted before their second birthday; Anthony was three and Maria, four.

Tony Formica and his wife, Caroline, sit with their children, from left, Anthony, Lia, Lucy and Joe in their home in Tewksbury, N.J. Another daughter was adopted by the family Jan. 18.



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Who is saving a lifetime of hugs for you?

It won’t happen. Not to you. Your camera is fully charged. You are fully prepared to capture the moment… You will not miss your child’s first steps.

But sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

You will miss some “firsts.” And that’s okay. You have so much more joy to experience!

In fact, if you are a family adopting an older child, you may never experience any firsts. But consider what you will experience, as described by Holt adoptive mom Becky Ketner

“Anyone considering adopting an older child needs to reflect on a few things. You will NOT get to cuddle a little bundle of joy in your arms, but you will get to experience something even greater when you feel the arms of a child around you who has been saving a lifetime of hugs just for you. You will NOT hear the tiny, sweet voice of a baby say ‘Mama’ or ‘Daddy’ for the first time, but you will hear the voice of a child that has longed for you and dreamed of the day when he or she can say, ‘I love you, Mom,’ or ‘I love you, Dad.’”

Wowie with his adoptive parents, the Ketners.

Earlier this year, Becky and her husband came home from the Philippines with an 11-year-old son named Wowie. As an older boy, Wowie has much in common with many of the children now waiting for loving families to adopt them – in the Philippines, and in many of the countries where we work.

As children get older, their chances of finding an adoptive family grow more and more slim. And for no real clear reason, boys always wait longer for families than girls.

Older children – boys and girls – are no less deserving of a family, yet many have waited 5, 10 or even 15 years for a mom and a dad.

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Jamison Must Find a Family Before His 16th Birthday!

Jamison turns 16 next year. Please share his story to help him find the family he so needs and deserves!

Jamison* is a charming young man who lives at a care center in the Philippines. He loves playing soccer and badminton, and watching cartoons with his friends. His caregivers say he plays “joyfully” with the other children, and at nearly 15, he also acts as an older brother to the younger boys in his dorm.

In October of last year, Jamison was one of 15 children on the 2012 Philippines Ambassador trip. For the past two years, Holt has sent a special team of ambassadors to meet older children like Jamison – children hoping to find loving adoptive families of their own. During a week full of fun activities, the ambassadors get to know the children and then advocate for their adoption once home in the U.S. This year’s ambassadors included two Holt adoptive parents, two adult adoptees and three Holt staff members.

The group of children on the 2012 Philippines Ambassador trip.

For the first few days of the trip, Jamison was fairly quiet and shy with the ambassadors. But by day 5, Jamison started to open up. His personality came bursting through during a late-night UNO tournament… And what a personality he has!

“That night, I saw a whole new side of Jamison come out.  It was awesome!” writes Kari Bargstadt-Wilson, one of the ambassadors on the trip. “He was sitting by me during our UNO game and was cracking jokes the entire time.  Kissing his cards with enthusiasm when a good one came his way.  Smiling and making others laugh.  He was hamming it up!”

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A Dad Like Him

Holt International CEO and President Phil Littleton is currently touring Holt’s programs in Southeast Asia and Korea, visiting the children and families we serve.  Today, Holt’s creative services director, Brian Campbell, describes their visit to a childcare center in the Philippines where Holt helps to support orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children through child sponsorship. Holt also works to find loving adoptive families for eligible children in care.

by Brian Campbell, Creative Services Director

Manila, Philippines— Today, Holt International President and CEO Phil Littleton and I are heading out of Metro Manila to visit an outlying childcare center where Holt helps to support many of the children in care through child sponsorship.

Joining us on today’s visit is Eva Cubacub, a social worker from Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF), Holt’s longtime partner in the region. Eva knows the children well at this orphanage, as she has made several trips to visit children in Holt’s sponsorship program. Some of the children are also in process to join families through adoption.

A warm, steady rain falls as we leave the city, and we watch as people on the streets dart from one covered porch to another. “Oh, it looks like an early spring for the Philippines,” says Eva as she looks up at the flannel gray skies.

Away from the traffic of Metro Manila, we come to a quiet building that looks like an old mission school, with Spanish arches, tile roofs and stucco and brick construction. A birthday party is taking place – not for one of the children in care, but for a little boy from the community who has decided to celebrate with the children in this orphanage. It’s lunchtime and the children eat quickly as they spy the big cake being cut into generous pieces.

Eva stands near a pretty little girl sitting apart from the other children. “Are you the one who picked up my friend?” asks the girl in a small, sweet voice. Surprised, Eva gets down to 6-year-old Christina’s* eye level and asks, “What do you mean?”

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Holt to Kick Off Second Philippines Ambassador Trip!

Last year, a special team of Holt ambassadors – including two Holt staff and six volunteers – traveled to the Philippines to meet 11 older children still waiting for a loving family to adopt them. During a week full of fun activities, the ambassadors got to know the children – their likes and dislikes, their challenges and strengths and what makes them special. Upon returning home to the U.S., the ambassadors shared what they had learned about these children with members of their church and community – hoping to inspire families to adopt.

Last year's group of older children from the Philippines.

Today, six of these children have families of their own! We find that really exciting…

So exciting that we have decided to send another group of ambassadors to the Philippines to meet another extraordinary group of children. On October 14th, two adoptive parents, two adult adoptees and three Holt staff members will kick off the second Philippines Ambassador trip. They will spend a week doing group activities, going on fun outings and generally getting to know the 15 boys and girls, ages 10-15, in this year’s group.

Help make the trip even more special! We have selected items for the children and included them in a gift registry at amazon.com. Click here to view the wish list and purchase a gift to send with our ambassadors.

All items are tax-deductable and need to arrive at Holt’s Eugene office by October 10th. Please send your gift to:

1195 City View

Eugene, OR 97402

For more information, contact Erin Anderson at erina@holtinternational.org.

Interested in learning more about the ambassador program and the participating children? The ambassadors will blog during the trip on a password-protected site. Stay tuned for information on how to access this site!